Kanta No.1 vs Olympica Nova 1?

I've been considering a pair to complement my Revel speakers.

Since the Revel's are neutral originally I was going Kanta as Focal has a brighter sound and seemed like a good complement.

The issue then became after I heard Sonus Faber's Lumina V's. While they don't have the detail or imaging of say Revel F226Be, they have a certain smoothness that the Revel's lack. The Olympica Nova 1 would likely have more detail and better imaging (nobody near my can demo these for me).

As a result I'm torn here.

On one hand there is a price difference, Kanta No.1 is around $6000 for a pair of them refurbished, while Olympica Nova 1 is around $7500 new, and $6900 open box.

The last thing to mention is I can obtain a pair of older Olympica III for $7500 or Olympica II for $6000.

In terms of appearance Focal and Sonus Faber are far better looking than Revel's 1990s budget speaker look IMO.

At this point my main concern is detail and a good complement to the Revel F226Be and M105.

Focal Kanta No.2 are $8400 for a pair refurbished.

Thank you!


Just wanted to update, an EU distributor is willing to sell me a new pair of Kanta No.1 for $4900 shipped (€4800).


I'm going to see if there is an EU distributor for Sonus Faber that might be cheaper as well.

This speakers are so different that I would really work hard to demo both before spending the money.  The Focal tweeters are often a love them/hate them thing for many folks and the Sonus Faber are (historically) a completely different and sometimes "warmer" sound.  What are you going to drive them with?  I think that would really be important in selecting one over the other.

have demoed the Olympica III and Nova 3 a few times. I own the Revel 228be and use subs which is important I think. 

The short version is I think the Revels are a better speaker. 

The long version… the Sonus Fabers have a slight dip in the upper mids. 2-3 db in the 2-3k range but I think the highs are a bit more tipped up at 10k compared to the revels. The Sonus Fabers also have a bit rounder bass with a bit of upper bass bloom. 

I have not heard the Kanta so I can’t comment but based on their measurements they are a touch bright. Depending on your age (upper hearing) it could be a good or bad thing. 

Personally I would not by focal or Sonus Faber as a second set of speakers to revel. They are both a step down in absolutes and just different. You might like different better though.  If I were going to try something different I would try open baffle or horns for a major change.