Kandance Springs...Live From Daryl's House

Live From Daryl's House has brought us quite a few excellent shows. Well, add another one.

I have never heard of Kandance Springs before this new show. Wow, what a voice. Soulful and sweet with a touch of melancholy.

Kandance and Daryl harmonize very well together and the songs just seemed to flow.

If you get a chance to see this new episode, you won't be disappointed.
Here is another one from Daryl’s house... great band, great recordings.. and some of the best music !!  here is Shelby Lynne, singing her soulful heart out and Daryl’s band works it perfectly.. They should sell these as singles... !!

Great episode. Is Daryl's House still in production? His acoustic space looks incredible during filming. It would be of interest to learn more about its architecture and structural design.

Happy Listening!
These shows were filmed in the house he actually lives in.  They did this for a number of years.

A few years ago, Daryl bought a "roadhouse" and was in the process of renovating it for use as not only a bar/grill, but as a space to do the show.

I've only seen a couple of shows from the new location and not sure if they are still filming, (or with COVID, when they might start to film again).

Thank You for the update. I hope this show continues with new episodes soon.

Happy Listening!