Kaleidoscope patterns on dvd?

My wife just bought a beautiful handmade kaleidoscope as a gift. We thought it would be cool if there was a dvd that had kaleidoscope images that we could watch while listening to music on our 2-ch audio system. No, we're not tripping out, but just want to relax and let our minds drift.

Anyone familiar with such a dvd? I already own a copy of "Mind's Eye", but was looking for something closer to kaleidoscope patterns rather than computer generated creatures.

The filmmaker/cultural anthropologist Harry Smith was producing some truly innovative and amazing animations in the late 1940's and 1950's, most of which transcend similar attempts by today's modern filmmakers attempts at such imagery. It's amazing to think what he accomplished with the rudimentary technology he had at hand. I've yet to see a computer graphic that I feel was able to tap into the aesthetics and general 'feel' embodied in his compositions. Much of his filmwork is based on geometric patterns with a fairly kaleidoscopic movement. Anyone with even a passing interest in this kind of experimental filmwork really should see his stuff if they have not already. Well worth your time to seek it out. In fact, being an avid fan of his work, I have made dozens of tapes for people off the copies of his films that I have. If you felt you were truly interested in checking it out, I'd be glad to arrange getting you a copy as well (keeping in mind that this would be a VHS tape, as opposed to DVD. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like.
Yes, where are the enterprising EE's these days? Does anyone make a pattern generator (groovy man) that is driven by whatever music is playing? I'll buy one...
I had a Samsung DVD-N501 DVD player for a while. It is a NUON enhanced player with more powerful video processors that most players. It has a cool mode for audio playback. I think it is called VLM (Virtual Light Machine.) It creates all different types of images to go with the audio CD you are listening to. It really was impressive. I definitely wouldn't consider this player to be audiophile quality. I don't think it has progressive scan either. But, if you just want a toy, it is pretty neat. I think you can get one online for $159 now. BestBuy has them on sale too.
Centurymantra: Thanks for your offer of the tape. I'm looking forward to viewing it.

Bufus: Sounds interesting. If I had duplicate copies of a cd, I could synch them and watch the lightshow from the Samsung while listening to the audio from my EMC-1. Expensive, but interesting. I might have to demo the Samsung and see how it performs. Thanks for the tip.
I was trying to think of how you could use the Samsung for the light show and still have high quality audio. I think you've figured it out. Make a CD-R to play in the Samsung while you listen to the real CD in your reference player!!