kaizer speakers reviews

Anyone has, had or hear these speakers before? Please share your experience.
2 or 3 years ago I listened to the Kaiser Kawero speakers a couple of times at RMAF and was very impressed with their musicality. They were fronted with some nice Musical Fidelity components. Sorry for the lack of details but it's been awhile since I've heard them.
At RMAF the Kaiser Kawero were paired with the Japanese Conert Fidelity/Silicon Arts components and the sound was devine in my opinion.
Visited Rick Brown who is the dealer in California for the Kaiser speakers.
Listened to the Kawero's for about 6 hours, very very nice speaker.
Oops, your spelling of the speaker is incorrect.
Kaiser Kawero are the best speaker I have heard. They are large with rear facing woofers, so maybe not the best match for a small room. But otherwise, they were truly exceptional both times I heard them. Too bad they only have one distributor in the US. I suspect they would be more popular in Europe, since the company is European and they likely have more dealers to provide demos and support post-purchase.
thank you all for your comments. Rugyboogie corrected the typographic error :)
I got Kaiser Kawero approx 2 months ago and must say I am more and more satisfied with them. It is pretty hard to describe their sound but when you get used to them many other speakers seem a bit broken... Kaweros are very musical, coherent, holistic in their presentation. It is very easy to drive them; I have achieved best results with Audio note Jinro. You can also put them in relatively small room (mine is approx 30m2) and they will still sound excellent. Although they are not demanding speaker, attention to amplification must be given; I have tried different solid state amps (esoteric, ch precision), though sounding very good, they still can not reach imho the excellent results with good tube amps.
Anyone know if they will be at this years RMAF, next week.

I would like to hear these, if so which room
I found out that they won't be :-(
You can visit Rick in Carsbad CA. Not to far from RMAF.
Was curious myself so paid Rick a visit in August.
If time allows it's worth the trip.
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