Kaboom Audio???

I wonder if anyone else does this:
I have recently found a new way to love gear. Lately I have come across friends and family who when at my home dig listening to music, but when asked, have no stereo other than maybe a Bluetooth speaker. I have taken to the habit of the secretey collecting the various components (mostly used and/or vintage) and once I have all the parts I call them out of the blue , ask if they can spare hour, then show up with their new system set it up for them and leave. I don’t tell them ahead of time, and don’t usually let on that anything is coming their way.Actually I have given this new act  the moniker of Streo Bombing and calling my self The Stereo Terrorist. I figure I can turn it into a non profit Corp and write off all losses (which is 100% in terms of finances), I’ll call it !Kaboom Audio Surpises!

If you’ve never befer done it.. you should!! and you create an audiophile ta boot... 


I've given components away, but never assembled a whole system.

I've also tried to convert a few--most of whom seemed reluctant to give up even a square inch of their shelf and/or floor space.

bird fan, what a lovely post! Kudos on bringing joy to people! 

I hope that your Stereo Bombing works! 
It wouldn’t surprise me, if the NSA and/or FBI weren’t already monitoring your communications. Gotta watch those trigger words. Certainly does sound like fun though. I’ve often passed my gear on, after replacement, to those with lesser systems, to broaden their horizons.
I have six turntables currently up and running in three systems. Why? How could this be?  

Answer: I have four children who all enjoy music.  They are just starting out, moving a lot, so putting an analogue system is difficult for them.  I get to play with this stuff and they will eventually receive or inherit.   I recently sent a small system to a daughter in Anchorage Ak.  Today she picked it all up from the floor and it still works.  I guess she needs some anti vibration tweaks.
I love the OP’s generosity and love of music.