KAB speedstrobe????

anyone know where they sell this cheap?? or is there anything better or more accurate for less than 100 bucks??
to check the speed of my T/T
This item functions beautifully, and there is nothing any better for less money. No association with the maker, just a happy with the product.

I second the recommendation. Works wonderfully and easliy and works on any voltage:)
have not seen it discounted anywhere

Place the stylus in the middle of the record and count revolutions in exactly 3 minutes. Should be 100 revs. Adjust speed accordingly.

Cost= $000.00 Doesn't get any moe accurate OR less expensive than that!!
You may download a free speed check disc as a PDF file. Open and print it on heavy paper and a small fluorescent test lamp will serve as the 60 HZ light source. If your speed is correct, the lines appear to stand still.

I agree with Jim, the KAB is worth every penny of the $100.00 asking price. I've had mine for several years and it is a valuable tool.

However, if bucks are in short supply, here's a cost effective solution.

Indispensable...you'll have it forever...spend the money!
I play a record that I know and adjust the speed till the pitch is correct. Works every time.