KAB RF-1 subsonic filter

I am using Aesthetix Rhea and two turntables. Also have Supratek Cabernet. I am getting the issue where the woofers are pumping. I bought the  KAB RF-1. My question is how to connect the  KAB RF-1 from Aesthtix to Cabernet? Thanks.
It should go between your preamplifier or linestage and the amplifier(s).  I took a quick look at a photo on-line.  Looks like you have a pair of female RCA inputs at one end and another pair of RCA jacks for output, at the other end.  Unfortunately, you will need a second pair of ICs to use on on side or the other of the RF-1, as opposed to the single pair needed to connect a preamp to an amp.  Got it?  I would have thought these very simple instructions would have come with the RF-1 from KAB.
If your amp/preamp has a tape loop, you can attach directly - that is the best option.  Otherwise as Lewm suggested, you will need an extra set of RCA's. 
Thanks guys. Hooked it up between pre and power amp and it is working. No more woofer pumping.