K&K vs Herron

Ive been searching for weeks but i cant find a direct comparison of these two phono stages. Both get glowing reviews but has anyone compared the two?
Or ASR basis exclusive...
No comparison I'm afraid, but I have used the K&K phono stage for nearly 10 years. Not only is it the best stage I have used, but Kevin provides regular updates, supplying parts and schematics at only a bit above cost.
I don’t know how they compare in sound, but the K & K is certainly priced lower. At least the model I looked at on the K & K site was---the basic, mm model (all that my pickup requires---it's output is 5mV !). I’m very curious about it myself.
Thank you for your replies !
I have been searching for weeks but can not find any comparisons of the two. They both get great comments.
Buy one of each! Pretty please? ;-)
Might have to... tempting...