K&K phono break-in period

Just thought to ask fellow owners of this phono stage on their experiences on the break-in period. I finally took the plunge building the Maxxed-out version (w/ Tantalum resistor & LL1931 upgrades) which I completed 2 days ago. It will be compared to my 7 year old AES PH-1 phono pre. Been following the K&K phono evolution (rave reviews) since 2003 which is how I got convinced to finally get it. Building it was so much fun and quite straight forward. Never had a problem putting it together. However, it needs to be broken-in...I'm leaving it powered-on for at least 5 days continuos per intructions.
Can anyone tell me approximately the length of burn-in before I can hear improvements in sound? 100-200 hours? Maybe longer as you have the tubes, Capacitors and transformers to break-in...
How did your units sounded right after build? One thing I noticed is this unit is dead quite! The bass is just phenomenal... Any comments/advice on this or what else to expect would greatly be appreciated...Thanks in advance.
Your estimate is just about right on. I bought a "maxxed out" built by Kevin a few months ago. He told me the big Cardas caps take the longest--100 hours or more--to fully settle in, and that was pretty much my experience. But the great bass you mention was there from the start, as well as the rich, realistic timbre. Highs became increasingly open and delicate as burn in progressed. Enjoy!
I found two break-in periods. An initial one at about 25 to 50 hours and another over say 100 to 200 hours. I really enjoy mine. Jeff
I agree about 100 hours, as far as I can remember. Mine is not the maxxed out version. Still one of the best stages I have listened to and a steal at the price. No trouble over secveral years of regular use. The only phono stage I have auditioned, to better it marginally, was the Tron 7, but that was in an all Tron sydtem and it is about twice the price
While leaving the unit running initially is a great idea, you really need to run signal through it for 200-300 hours to fully break the unit in - that's quite a few records! Several people I've recommended the unit to have commented that it takes "a while" for it to break in; some folks are impatient with their audio and sell the unit prematurely, and that's a shame because they are missing out on a wonderful phono stage. There's a lot of transformer wire in the K&K as well as those huge Cardas caps. After owning it for several years now, it still delights me.
250-300 hours will get you 95% of the way. 500 hours will get you another 3%. That last 2% will happen after ~1000 hours. At last count there are 20 Lundahl signal transformers in my system! I am well acquainted with the break-in drill. And yes, Kevin does appreciate my business.
Thank you to everyone who chimed in! I'm currently using my old faithful pickering XSV3000 MM Cart. Have been listening for an average of 2-3 hrs these last 7 days. I will post my experience after the 1000 hrs break-in period (hopefully I don't forget).
My initial impressions are (although too early)..excellent authoritative BASS!, DEAD QUIET, everything sound much bigger (like performers are in the room with you)....somewhat veiled at this point..
I look forward to upgrading to MC (Denon DL-103R) in the near future.