K&K Maxxed-out vs Aesthetix Rhea

I'm thinking of upgrading my phono pre, now I'm using a Hagerman Cornet made with naked Vishay, PRP resistors, Mundorf, Sonicap and V-caps.
My system consist of Michell Gyro, tecnoarm, Shelter 90x, Atma-Sphere M-60, Atma-Sphere MP-3 (line only) and GMA Eos HD.
I was thinking of spending around $2500, witch is the price for a used Rhea or the price for K&K kit with all the options.
I was wondering if somebody had the chance to compare these two phono stages?

Thank you
This seems like a no-brainer. Send the MP-3 to Ralph so he can install the Atma-Sphere phono section.
Second Tvad's suggestion. If I where pushed to select, I would go for the K&K. I've owned a Rhea and have heard the K&K along side my Alaap. The K&K is far and away more preferable to my ears. Your Coronet should be a great sounding unit given what I've heard from other Hagerman gear. It would probably benefit from a larger, more over-built power supply. That is also my impression of the K&K, but to a lesser degree, and I haven't heard all of Kevin's mods.
3 in a row. Atma it is. Rhea is not that impressive when compared to real top end phono stages. Never heard teh K&K.
Thank you guys.
I thought that the phono section of the MP-3 was good, but do you think is at the same level of the K&K?
I have no experience with the K&K, but I do have experience with the Atma-Sphere phono.

Realize that Ralph basically built the MP-3 and MP-1 preamp as fully balanced phono preamps, and the line stage sections are bonuses. In other words, his attention to perfection is focused on the phono. That should give you some perspective, if not the comparison you seek.

Adjusting the phono's impedance loading is a simple task of attaching different resistors to the loading screws on back side of the preamp.

Also, realize that if you have RCA outputs and a ground post on your turntable, you can run balanced to the MP-3 using a pair of RCA>XLR interconnects Ralph builds specifically for this purpose. FYI, I have a set of these available if you ever decide to go the route of adding the phono to your MP-3.
I don't know what the differences are between the phono stages in an MP-3 vs MP-1 but in my MP-1 I would race it against anything out there at any price. This is especially true with Ralph's MKIII.1 updates. Really, really scary when you run your phono balanced. Also you would save on an additional cord, ic's and a base. Good luck.
Do you know where can I find reviews of the MP-3's phono section or some sort of comparison with the MP-1 ?
I've seen a few reviews of the MP-3 line section but nothing specific for the phono section.

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Soundstage MP3 Review

Atma-Sphere Equipment Reviews Archive

How much effort have you put into to your research? Finding these took three minutes on Google.
I was referring to the comparison between MP-3 and MP-1 phono section
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Call or email Ralph Karsten for details of the differences between the MP-3 and MP-1 phono stages.

Email Tim Aucremann. He seems to have as much experience as anyone hearing many Atma-Sphere components. I think his Audiogon moniker is "Jtimothya".
in these threads over many years.

In these threads over many years, there is a dearth of people who have compared the MP-3 and MP-1 preamps let alone their respective phono stages.

Ralph and Tim will give you straight answers. Ralph is as low pressure a manufacturer as you will ever encounter.

Good luck.
Thank you.

I will contact Ralph.