jymie merritt

Jymie Merritt, an incredible jazz bassist passed on Friday, April 10, Since he was usually a "sideman" as opposed to a "leadman" his name wasn’t as noteworthy as "Art Blakey" or Lee Morgan, but he contributed to some of their best music.


One example is "Moanin", which is the cover for the thread "Jazz For Aficionados".


As a "jazz bassist" someone else’s name was always on the cover of the albums with his best music, but their best albums would not have been as good without his participation.


This "lockdown" has given me the opportunity to focus intently on Jymie’s contribution to some of the best jazz in my collection. That was reserved for deep snow days in the past.


Art Blakey’s best has been made even better by Jymie Merritt; all in all, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.


I give a forever toast to all the great jazz albums that Jymie Merritt made even greater.