JWAudio Cryo-Nova speaker cable. How does it rate?

I came across a member's thread about a speaker cable called J.W. Audio "Cryo". They offer a new model: JW Audio "Cryo-NOVA" which is supposedly better. I know nothing about this company, and read about (and even tried a few of) several budget cables like Clearday; Audio Art; Clearview "Double Helix" marketed by Mapleshade Internet. Anti-Cable speaker cable I currently have the Audio Art SC-5 (standard) which is above average, but not outstanding in any area.

Appreciate any comments about JW Audio Cryo-Nova, or earlier models..... BTW, is it advisable to use differnet speaker lengths?? I can save money with going for a shorter run on the right speaker in my current set-up. I need 12 ft on the left speaker.