JWAudio Cryo-Nova speaker cable. How does it rate?

I came across a member's thread about a speaker cable called J.W. Audio "Cryo". They offer a new model: JW Audio "Cryo-NOVA" which is supposedly better. I know nothing about this company, and read about (and even tried a few of) several budget cables like Clearday; Audio Art; Clearview "Double Helix" marketed by Mapleshade Internet. Anti-Cable speaker cable I currently have the Audio Art SC-5 (standard) which is above average, but not outstanding in any area.

Appreciate any comments about JW Audio Cryo-Nova, or earlier models..... BTW, is it advisable to use differnet speaker lengths?? I can save money with going for a shorter run on the right speaker in my current set-up. I need 12 ft on the left speaker.
It appears that the JW is Speltz Anticables with Cryo treatment.  Paul Speltz told me that there would be no noticeable sound difference in different length cables.  My guess is it would be the same for the JW's.  I have a friend who says the cables are better sounding than the Speltz.  I've had both the original Anticables and the Level 3 Anticables.  There was a small difference in those.  For the money, I don't think there is anything close to the sound of the JW's.  I was a long time Anticable user and tried at least 6 other cables while always returning to the Anti's.  I even used the $1400 Harmonic Technology Pro 9+ and went back to the Anti's.  It wasn't until I tried the MG Audio Planus III cables that I thought the much more expensive cables were actually that much better.

The Cryo treatment is about the only thing different from the Speltz.  They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee--don't run a day over, however.  I have a JW Reference IC and love it.  I also have a couple Teo GC ICs and Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme SCs and jumpers.  In my system, this is a great sounding combo of wires.  My friend owns a pair of the JW speaker cables and says they are very good and not just for the money.
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I have the Cryo Nova speaker cables in my 2nd system and for the price they are really good. The only negative thing about these cables is the "flexibility". But no complains sound wise. In fact they are worth their asking price.
I love the JW Audio speaker cables.  They have beaten out much more expensive cables (1-2K) in my system, and I have long since stopped trying to find a speaker cable that I like better because it would be expensive to keep trying cables.  I have not tried the Anti-Cables, so I don't have a basis for comparison there.  But for $10/foot, you really owe it to yourself to try the JW Audio.  I like the fact that they are light and easy to bend into whatever shape you need for cable management.  I'd also recommend just using the bare wire terminations if it works with your amp and speakers.  Just my 2 cents.   
My 2 cents worth, to call the JW a cable is a stretch, it’s solid core wire. They are hard to work with and unyielding. Now to the crutch of the matter. How do they compare to other cable/wire. Actually not too bad. I’m not into the hype that the higher the price the better the product. My comparison is limited to straight wire, monster, JW, Blue Jeans, audio quest and finally a very expensive set of transparent music wave ultra which a friend offered to let me try in my system. From worst to best, in my system, this is how I rated them.
1. Monster
2. Audio quest
3. Straight wire
4. JW
5. Blue Jeans
6. Transparent
Now for a look from a cost perspective the monster was the least expensive followed by JW then Blue Jeans then audio quest then straight wire followed by transparent. JW and audio quest being solid core the rest stranded. So what remains hooked up in my systems (2) dedicated home theatre and straight stereo, Home theatre Blue Jeans, stereo JW.
Although the Transparent outperformed the rest in all aspects audible (a great cable IMO) I just could not justify the expense for the audible improvement they provided. Maybe I’ll win the lottery before I die.
Final conclusion: the expense of cable does not reflect the real world of what’s a better product.

System used for comparison :
Home theatre: krell prepro, krell amps, oppo BR, Musical Fidelity Cd, Sony TT, Polk vintage speakers
Stereo: Proceed pre and pro, adcom amp, Sony TT, Musical Fidelity Cd, B&W 803D2 speakers
Hilarious that your HT system has a turntable and seems loads better than your stereo rig.
Now that would be opinion. TT was hooked to HT for no more than comparison. HT I agree is very nice but it's a catch all to do all but does not do all the very best hence 2 separate systems. The Stereo system does simply analog at the best I can do. The proceed far out classes the Krell for straight analog play and don't underestimate the Adcom 555Ii, one of the best budget amps ever produced. Of course without actual ears in the room and based on market brand only one would think as you do
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I used JW cryo in my home theatre and was not thrilled.  You have to be especially careful because the build quality is not the best.  If you have a weird angle or step on it, it will fail.  One of the cables I ordered didn't even make it through delivery before coming apart.  That said, they are pretty good for the value. 

I would invest in another cable for the long haul.  Had his customer service been a little better, he would have made a killing on me, but that is what you get when you go for the budget stuff.
@gilatgh Hey, that’s why I said seems. I’m definitely not claiming to be an expert, they’re simply impressions formed after reading people’s descriptions and reviews of gear when I’ve been searching. I almost bought an adcom 555 last year during my last amp search..
@mountz, I have PMed you to find out and possibly fix the QC problem with your cables. As far as stepping on them...