Jw Signature Interconnects

I am posting my experience with the new Jw Signature IC's. My system is very transparent and revealing system. I will post a full review elsewhere. I have previously written very favorably about the Jw Audio cryonebula cables and thought that they were "stupid good". The Jw Signature IC's have a very similar sonic signature but are much better in on important area. Their imaging and sound-staging capabilities are out of this world. My reference IC's and speaker cables have been the excellent Zentara cables. I have used and listened to LAt international, MIT, Mogami, Audio Horizions, and Translucent Audio cables (now defunct company) and these cables are right up there with my Reference Zentara cables. I wonder what others think?
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Had the name of the company wrong - it is Jw Audio Signature.....
i agree with above poster. took advantage of the 30 days international trial. and the cable stays in my very revealing system. slightly better than the gold interconnect i have. i like the tonal better.

superb cable !!! one word to describe this cable is "musical"
Glad to hear that you had a similar experience as I have with these cables. They do not appear to have a cult following on Audiogon but they sure deserve one given their performance. It may be that given their modest cost that it is hard for hardcore audiophiles to believe that they will get world class performance.