JVC XL-Z1050.

Just purchased this player for $25 and read lots of reviews on this player.Plays and sounds fine with only a few small scratches on top.Wondered if people preferred as is or with a outboard dac?Thank you.
Have had one since it was first introduced. Indestructible and natural sounding. Never felt the need to use an external sac with it.
The whole point of that player was its internal DAC.
There isn't much information about the internal DAC that I've seen.The sound is rather smooth.
That was my very first CD player! Had the K2 interface, or something like that. It was built very well and sounded great. Enjoy.
I always try to be patient and find vintage bargains.Of course it matters my last name isn't Trump either!
I think I made a mistake in my last post. I was thinking of the 1010, not the 1050.
I used one for 20 years, still have it. Extremely well built. The K2 interface feature minimized ripple and jitter. This was a very fine sounding unit in it's day and was very well reviewed by the audio press as was it's predecessor the Z1010TN. I tried a couple of other CD players during my time of ownership of the JVC and always went back to it.
I bought the XLZ 1010 TN because of a rave review for an inexpensive player at that time. I think that it cost $600.00. I sold my Phillips 960 to get it which was probably a mistake. They were two different birds. The Phillips powerful and bombastic, and the JVC, softer and smoother with smaller scaled images and good, but less powerful bass. I did use it for about 5 years.
Hi John421,

Great find. Rather than adding an external dac, I would recommend some passive parts upgrades, particular replacing some of the caps, (which must be 20+ years old by now), and you will have yourself a fun piece of digital gear.

John421 have the circuit for this, nice player did some mod work on one, they have nice R2R Multibit very old PCM56P 16bit dacs like early Wadia's used, but they need the NE5532 opamps for I/V and output buffer duties worked on, then they can sound much better.
Great buy BTW for $25

Cheers George
A Lady on Craigslist sold it to me.Had read about this player so thought I'd take a chance and hope it would be in good shape.Had it listed for $20,but after listening and seeing how good of condition it was in she asked for $25.I didn't hesitate giving her what she asked.Don't know if she didn't realize what she had or just wanted to get rid of it but I'm happy so far.
Jeez, you got a bargain (assuming that player is not about to die)!! I owned a JVC XL-Z1050 for 18 years and it never skipped a beat. As other posters mentioned, it is an extremely well built player for the money. It had a good transport & JVC's proprietary K2 processing, so it was a great package way back when. As a single box player, the JVC sounds very smooth and nails the midrange. If anything, its sins are of 'omission' by gently rounding off the the very top and bottom octaves. But it did so in a way which was completely sympathetic to the music.

I later added one of the best Delta Sigma dacs ever made; a Vimak DS-1800Mk2 and ran the JVC as a transport. That was a pretty awesome combination, and allowed all the Vimak's strengths to shine through. If you have a good outboard dac, running the JVC as a transport is a no-brainer. But this player will hold its own as a stand alone player also.

If you use the JVC as a stand alone player, you might want to consider upgrading the pc & using some iso feet such as Stillpoints Ultra mini's to optimize the player.
So far it has worked like a charm and sounds very good!I Know that buying used is a gamble but so far I've been lucky.I will look into those minor upgrades as well and thanks for the praise.Thats why I like posting for ideas to improve on these vintage pieces.
It is really sounding nice now!I'm a bit surprised at the detail it gives.
John, the JVC is a really nice sounding and well made player. I think if you get your player re-capped with some nicer caps, install a Furutech IEC & use a better power cable, you'll be hearing glorious sound. You could add some isolation feet like Stillpoints later.
The vintage NAD 3020 and JVC sound really good together.
11-06-15: John421
The vintage NAD 3020 and JVC sound really good together.
+ 1.
I agree with the power cord and isolation feet but don't want to mess with the internal works of this player and change the sound.
That's fair enough John, i'd just enjoy your player until (and if) you hear any sonic degradation or something goes bung. Then if it needed repair, you could take the opportunity to also refresh the caps. Bottom line: you got a classic rbcd player for a bargain...happy days!
Thank you.
i got a 1050 for a pittance on craigslist and stupidly sold it on impulse--one of the pieces i genuinely regret parting with. i agree with the posters touting it as a player--it has a very natural "non-digital" presentation--more modern high-end pieces may be ultimately more resolving, but sound less engaging. enjoy it, john 421--it's hard to replicate
I'm very satisfied with it and very pleased with it's cosmetics as well!Seems well taken care of.
Stan Warren and Terrence Robinson were known for modifying the
JVC 1050 and JVC 1010 CD players.
I heard a full blown modified JVC 1050 CD player by Terrence Robinson back in like 1999 and that was one of the best sounding CD players i heard.
Stan Warren i dont know if he still modifies CD players.
Terrence Robinson still modifies CD players.
Here's his website and number.
Emailed the Gentleman about mods for the JVC,said he no longer did mods.But I'm fine with how it sounds now.