JVC RS 10/20 vs RS 1/2 Projectors

Seen a few reviews on the new JVC projectors, but would like to understand the difference between the RS 10 and the RS 2. I have a chance to buy a slightly used RS 2 and want some guidance on whether I should go with a new RS 10 or the RS 2 if they are at the same price. Specs seem to favor the RS 10. Thanks for your help.
Hi, I wish I could directly answer your question. I faced the same question about 6 months ago. I bought a Pioneer Elite Pro-FPJ1 (based on the JVC)

It's incredible. I forgot about the question you're asking now :) !! and just enjoy my movies!

Hope this helps...
Some say the Pioneer is better than the JVC anyone compare the two.
Hi, I got to see the Pioneer side by side with the JVC (not the recent current JVC, the models that share the same chassis as the Pioneer)

The Pioneer had a little richer color, lil deeper blacks and better detail in the dark scenes/black areas.

It was close, but I could see it. I got a screaming deal at the time. The dealer was overstocked on the Pioneers...now the Pioneer maybe a even better deal given the economy, new JVC's out etc...

I just don't think you can go wrong here...all the JVC's and Pioneers are great...comes down to the deal and your wallet i think !