JVC or Pioneer Elite Projector

I am trying to decide on either the JVC DLA RS2U or Pioneer Elite FPJ-1 Kuro Projector. Both are similar in cost, I just can't tell the difference.
pioneer elite is the better product.
Pioneer Elite isnt what it use to be and not always the best model, if you cant tell then buy the one that has cheapest replacement bulb, best lumen output and one that you like to look at.
They are the same thing! JVC makes them for Pioneer.
See I told you not to buy the Elite lol
The JVC's have been at the for front of their respective LCos/DILA tech for some time in the projector market. Consistently they've had the best of this technology.
Saw a properly set up JVC DLA-RS20U the other day on a 120" 16:9 screen and it was absolutely stunning in high def! Can't imagine a better image for what it was displaying (sans the anamorphic setup). Very nice indeed, and a bright pic!