This is cheaper. You can get a one sided blank record on ebay for even less!!
Elliott, don’t waste your money.
I looked at that exact same one on eBay last year and asked the same question on one thread or another here, don't remember which.
The opinions from many members whose thoughts and insights I respect were all the same.

A big negative.

As Lewm said on this score!
thanks all for the enthusiastic discouragement.

I already have a groove-less disc to set anti-skate with, I was just curious, wasn't thinking of buying it.

the crooked cartridge in the blank lp link is a horrible sight.
Elliot, just remember that at the inside of the disc you want to set the antiskate so that the arm drifts ever so slowly towards the spindle. I prefer the test record approach but this is close enough for most people.
The glass anti skate mat is a big no no because the diamond will cut into the glass creating it's own groove. It will also wear down the stylus. Silly idea. I did have a grass turntable mat once. It was covered both sides with felt and it had the right cut outs for the label and disc rim. It worked brilliantly. Actually, I think I still have it somewhere.
I did have a grass turntable mat once.
Bermuda or St.Augustine?
Hmmmm, grass mat, infested with microscopic creatures trained to clean the grooves, big money there


thanks for anti-skate advice. I use my test records, now the grooveless disk, and then I use my ears as final adjustment confirmation.

using this album, side 2, track 2 and 3 (the only tracks all 3 guitars play together). When just right, amazing imaging.

you can use the cd version to confirm your system is balanced, the lp version to confirm all is well including anti-skate.

And, confirm, LP sounds better than the CD!!!