JVC DLA-RS25 replacement bulb

Looking for a recommendation on where to buy a replacement bulb.  I recently went the cheap route ($70) and the bulb failed and set off warning lights on the projector.  When I replaced the new bulb with the old bulb (which has over 3,000 hours) everything worked fine. So, I don't want to overspend if I don't need to.  From JVC, these bulbs are $360.  Is there a cheaper one that is nearly as good?
I work in the AV industry.

The short answer is no.  You get what you pay for.  Sorry.

Thanks.  I figured that was the case.  Guess I'll fork out the $360 and will probably be happy for another 3,000 hours or so.
I had about 150 hours on the OEM bulb, so not terrible, although it never looked as good as the old bulb.  Seemed too dim.
Bulb America has an OEM replacement lamp module with OEM bulb for the DLA-RS25 for about $127.

I've been using a Sony VW95ES for many years and have replaced the bulb at least twice.  The Sony bulb assemblies are very expensive yes (in the $300+ area).  These include the bulb itself and the full frame module.  I have just bought a replacement bulb and unscrew/disconnect the existing bulb for replacement.  This is doable on the Sony bulbs, but it does not appear to be an option for JCV bulbs.