Just wondering

I've got three ads running at the moment and all three of them have attracted numerous seemingly unrelated inquiries from non members.This is new for me and I'm wondering if others are having the same experience.
One of these guys agreed to pay $500 for my tuner and said he would have his secretary send the check. A while later after the check had had enough time to arrive from the moon, I contacted him to say I hadn't received the check. He wrote back to say that his secretary had accidentally sent $5000 instead and would I send the other $4500 to his friend in the UK by Western Union wire transfer. Since this smelled really bad I dropped the matter. Does anyone else suspect this guy of scamming? It's been weeks now and no check has ever arrived.
It is a scam that has caught a few people from what I've read, BEWARE!!!.

When you cash the check and then send them the remaining money the check bounces a month later and you have just sent them $4500 of your money when their check was no good. BEWARE DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THIS
Sounds like a Scam.

I dunno who he is, but i would be cautios about anyone who "Accidentally" sends me a check for 5000 and and trusted me to send the other 4,500 to his buddy in the UK.

tell him to send a Money order for 500 or go to hell.
IT IS A SCAM! I played one out all the way to receiving the check. One look at it told me it was not authentic. I wrote the guy an email and told him that I was FBI and that I was on his trail! Never heard from him again.
Last month I got a full price offer on day 1 of the ad. He wanted my account information for an international wire transfer. When I balked, he wanted me to send the unit to a friend in another state. He then said his wife had a friend in the same city near where I live. The whole thing was fishy from the beginning. Turns out, he had just become a member here 1 week earlier and had no feedback. The tone of his emails was suspect from the get-go. I then got yet another offer from yet another new member with no feedback for yet another international wire transfer in yet another country, explaining how safe this transaction is. I removed the item from sale and will put it up later this year. I have never had a bad deal here, but again... the tone of his email correspondence was not that of a fellow Audiogon member.
I would play along long enough to get the address of the wire transfer address in the UK and report it to Scotland Yard. Send the addressee one dollar.
It's a scam for sure!

I was listening to NPR last week & there was a report exactly like this wherein the fellow called in from Nigeria & said that he had mistakenly sent several thousand $ for an item & if the seller would be kind enough to send the balance to a friend elsewhere in the world!

You did the correct thing & dropped the matter 'cuz you could have been burned badly! Report it to your local authorities - FBI, police, etc. esp. if you have the fellows contact info.
Sounds like a variation of the Nigerian Email Scam.

Try Google, lots of interesting reading on the subject there.
OK Fatparrot, no problem, but if I accidently by mistake send you a check for $45,000, would you please return the balance of $40,500 in cash???
Here's another one: I had another guy who wanted me to send my speakers Fed Ex COD to him, but when the speakers
got there, he called to say he was out of town (grandma's
funeral) and would I lower my COD amount since his "neighbor" didn't have the full amount. He said he'd
send me the balance. He was trying to pull the same scam on another member I found out, and we both told him to get ......well, you know the rest! Man, I hate thieves!
I came across a similar scam on ebay. I bid on a receiver which I lost at the last moment, and the next day I receive an email from a guy who wanted to sell his receiver for almost $100 less than what it would normally sell on ebay.
He then went on to say that I should use an escrow service in portugal. When I insisted that I would not send my money to any place outside this country, and something that did not have a toll free customer service #, I did not hear anything back from him.

So beware...