Just upgraded to the DK VS-1 Signature

I just traded in my VS-1 Reference for the VS-1 Signature. There is a $2000 price difference between the two units. I was already in heaven listening to the Reference, however, the Signature definitely takes the performance up to a new level. In a way that I cannot explain there is a certain glow and a certain airiness that is musical in a way that reminds me of single ended tube amplifiers and yet coupled to a rock solid bass foundation that can shake the room with no transient overhang. The high frequencies are also stellar, that seem to extend out to infinity with a pitch black background. In my opinion, and I might start another shark feeding frenzy here, the Signature outperforms every amplifier that I have heard under $20,000 - making it a true breakthrough for the price.

Any other opinions on the new VS-1 Signature?
How about listing all the amps you've heard under $20,000 so we can have an idea of what you've compared?
Please list all of the amps under 20K that you have listened to in your home with your present equipment. As it stands all we know is that you like the more expensive DK than the cheaper one. I applaude you for your perserverance in the face of adversity.

Does DK actually give you the newer unit design or just replace the innards of the Reference unit?

For the difference of $2000 in price ,what are the excact differences between the Reference and the Signature ??
Please tell us all the amps you've heard under $20,000 so we know what you are comparing this to. Also, what is your other equipment? For example, speakers, cd player, turntable, cabling, etc., etc.
Swimming upstream here, I'll just congratulate Procalc on making a purchase that he or she is obviously very happy with.
Swimming upstream, Drubin? No one thus far has levelled any criticism. Just some reasonable questions to help educate future buyers.
Is this available for purchase? Manufacturers web says coming soon, and DK retailers are not listing it yet.
Did you purchase from a dealer (and if so, which one) or direct from DK?
Made me think of my boss when I read those initial responses.
I do not want to bad-mouth equipment from other companies, therefore I am not going to list all the amplifiers I have compared the VS-1 Signature to. I can tell you that I have heard MANY amplifiers out there and obviously there is a lot of fantastic equipment under $20K. I am just simply trying to make the point that the Signature is a remarkable value and a standout in this industry for delivering so much for so little. I am sure that it is not everyones cup of tea, but certainly it can allow someone to dedicate a bigger budget to the rest of the system, like buying better loudspeakers instead of spending a fortune on amplification. I can certainly live happily ever after with many $10,000 amps, but I feel I am getting a similar level of performance from the VS-1 Signature.

The company did not modify my VS-1 Reference, they sent me a brand-new VS-1 Signature and took back the Reference. I simply had to pay the difference in price between the two units.

Apparently, the circuit design of the two units is very similar but some exotic parts are used in the signal path that allows this additional level of refinement. Don't get me wrong, I don't think that the difference between the Reference and the Signature is night-and-day, but it does make a big difference in a high performance top of the line system where someone wants performance without compromise.
Procalc, comparing equipment is a common technique employed in reviews. It's an important element that helps legitimize the reviewer's opinion of a product. Without such comparisons, a comment such as, "it outperforms every amplifier that I have heard under $20,000", carries no weight. It can be done without bad-mouthing any manufacturer by explaining how the Signature does things better than other amps.

I'm glad you have found an amp you enjoy, and it's good to know the Signature sounds better to you than the Reference.
Pespectfully PROCALC, your statement about DK being personally preferable to an unspecified set of amps upwards to 20K is too open ended to be indicative, one way or another. Please do not feel you would be bad mouthing some manufacturers by naming names. They are big boys and will withstand your opinions without feeling emotionally hurt. Personal and very specific tastes/comparisons is what Audiogon is all about after all.
Respectfully Procalc, both Tvad & Guidocorona are explaining most members here take into account what equipment was associated and compared to, in which helps get a better idea of just what strengths the "reviewed" product may posses. Without any of that info, is similar to me buying a Corvette and stating it is the best sports car I have driven under $100,000! But I don't tell what I've compared it to, because I would be bad mouthing other cars? By saying that, I would assume some people may think all I have done is read a lot of Road & Track Magazine.

OH - this is not tied in with you Procalc and I am sincerely happy you are satisfied with your sound. That is what we are all striving for, and why comparisons help others.


there will be a DK VS-1 STATEMENT

lets say, approx. 3 months or so from now...

(just feeling a bit prophetic tonight...)
I am still interested to hear from someone providing a serious comparison between the v2 or v3 and the signature.
I thought that Procalc gave us a wonderful comparison.

we all can comfortably rest assured that it is better than MANY 20k amplifiers...which ones...well...we're not sure...but that's cool cause we really don't want to hurt Mark Levinson, Dan D'Agostino, Neslon Pass, John Curl, or any of the other presumably thin skinned audio designers feelings.

there were wonderful references to single ended tube like qualities...room shaking bass....performance taken up to a new level.

he used very descriptive words like stellar, infinity, pitch black.

the $2000 price differential was another wonderful comparison although i'm not sure if that includes sales tax.

he was already in heaven but has now relocated to one of heavens better neighborhoods.

what else is there to know?

well...actually...i'd like to know if it was jaw dropping
Ellery911, not sure about jaw dropping. . . but it must have been real jaw-locking, for we haven't heard much about this most aresplendipherous subject of lately.
too bad...I was looking fwd to hearing some more comments how the thing actually sounded and in comparison to others...The product definitely appears to be interesting but not much prof mag reviews either. Procalc where are u?
Gotta love those true breakthroughs,from China with love.Glad to hear the news about the stellar airiness out there in infinity.....................................
Not sure which thread anyone is reading, so sorry for the cross-post:

I received my email from the parts connecxion (www.partsconnexion.com) today, they do mods and the like - the guys that founded Sonic Frontiers i think. anyhow, they had listed an SE upgrade for the DK VS-1 Mk II that sells for about $1000. my guess is that is perhaps similar to the "signature" version from the DK factory? anyone heard this mod?