Just updated my virtual system

Not that many care, but my virtual system here has been upgraded.

Next month I take delivery of more GIK components and will do a better job of showing off the entire front.



Very nice, man. Lots to like here. What do you use as digital music sources? I'm wondering how connected your HT and HiFi are. 

@erik_squires i have been planning to purchase the soffit bass traps for the front wall only, I don’t have space in the corners of the rear wall. I was planning on the soffit as from everything I’ve read and been told, to really help with bass the traps have to be as thick as possible. It’s that reason I discounted the tri-traps for this job.

Reading you are planning to replace them with tri-traps, could you tell me what it is you currently don’t like for your 2 channel listening that you hope the tri-traps will bring? Sadly we can’t demo acoustics panels so I’d rather not make a mistake with the purchase as the soffit traps are their most expensive! Thanks.

What do you use as digital music sources?

@classdstreamer Quboz and Tidal. I thought they both pretty much had the same library but they really don’t. I also have about 300GiB of my personal music library most of which is ripped from CD’s I long ago donated to a library.

I do have a few DSD files downloaded from Blue Coast Records. (that's a deliberate plug!)


I’m wondering how connected your HT and HiFi are.


The LG provides all of my streaming needs, which are pretty basic. Netflix, Amazon and Funimation. I used to use a Roku because of the Crunchyroll app but the are so unreliable I refuse to pay them a cent more.

The TV to MRX connection is via the HDMI Audio Return Channel. When I spin a BD or DVD it goes through the MRX to the TV.

The MRX has 7.2 preamp outputs. I use the L and R outputs to feed the amp in on the Luxman. When I want to watch TV I hit "Separate" on the Luxman remote and then the TV remote takes over for everything. When I’m listening to music I hit "Separate" again to reconnect the preamp to the amp in the Luxman and I’m in 2-channel mode.

The MRX powers my center and surround speakers, and feeds my subwoofer.  The sub is not used for stereo.  See the article above for why.



Nice first approach. Be ready to make some adjustments as you go. My personal experience with GIK is they pushed too much absorption for my house of stereo design. It obviously was great at taking care of resonance, but it took me about a year to balance it with many diffusers to finally get the liveliness I had lost and wanted. Take a peak at my system where I describe the experience and square footage of absorbers vs. diffusers used. Enjoy the journey.