Just the musings of an audiophile

I have been listening to music on my system today because I am sick with nothing else to do. I am 54yrs old. when I started acquiring my first stereo equipment over 35yrs ago I was convinced that being an audiophile was a curse. It isn't something you pursue, like being a doctor or carpenter. It seems like you either have it or you don't, from birth. Now I am sounding like a gay person, which I am not. Back to the point, It was a curse because I bought the best I could afford many years ago, but was never satisfied, I could always pick the system apart and complain about this or that. I really never enjoyed listening to the systems because of the flaws, but I love music! I could have a system that was 99.99% of the time 100% perfect, but to me it was junk. Now I am lucky enough to have a system that, to me is 100% of the time 100% perfect. I didn't think it was possible, but it is. Some of my equipment is Krell, I had to send the pre-amp back to the factory 4 times over a 2 year period before they finally discovered the factory flaw and fixed it. No longer is, being an audiophile, a curse. it is a blessing. A very expensive blessing!
I am happy for you in that you seem content after a long journey, or is it exhausted?

I, too, am content. I am content because I am a music person, not an equipment person. This is not intended as an insult to equipment people. It just means that if the music reaches me emotionally, I have no motivation to change equipment since I have achieved my objective. I only change things for a utilitarian purpose (eg. it's broken or I moved and the equipment is not a good fit for the room, etc.) I've only had 2 turntables in 35 years; 4 amps, 4 or 5 sets of speakers. Anyway, I feel sorry for people who are like what you used to be, i.e. spend a lot of money and are never satisfied. But if they are happy, then it is not for me to judge.

By the way, since you raised the rather unusual point, I don't think you sound like a gay person. And I wouldn't care if you did, whatever such a thing might sound like. Some of my friends who are gay also don't sound like gay people. But since I don't know what such a thing would sound like any way, I may be wrong., Either way, I couldn't care less; they are good people.
I may not be a true audiophile. I really don't give a rat's --- what kind of equipment is playing, as long as the music sounds good.

When it does sound good though, I always want to know what its playing on and exactly why it sounds so good, if possible.
Sorry you not feeling well and hope you get better soon,

Its a curse if you are poor or a miserable person who cant accept things you cant change, its a blessing when you canboth afford to do it right and realize the music is the entire point of it all.......you are for now in a very good place but it may not last :)
I cant and wont ever be able to do it all and I am ok with that (for the most part) but I am very lucky to have what I have and enjoy the system and music very much yet I still enjoy checking out and demos of new gear and even the shows.......I am just a fan of the whole process!
being an audiophile is neither a blessing nor a curse. it is an implied association with those who accept certain principles and assumptions about audio reproduction.

since i do not accept such principles and assumptions, i am not an audiophile.
Mapman & Mrtennis have hit the nail on the head & burried it. "Audiophile, audioschmile" as Daffy Duck may say. It is a self appointed title. It is a fun hobby with great results, associates & pacification. The equipment is fun to doodle with, then kick back, enjoy & maybe doodle with some more. Audiogon gives us all a great avenue to drive us into sonic heavan maybe a little more.
Enjoy the musings, tweakings & "tunage". If you want a title, more power to ya. :'> It's all part of the show.
Amen, Jsd52756.
Don't worry, you can always become gay later in life. Don't give up hope so easily.
Speaking from experience Viridian? :) haha jk
What happened to the ennui Chad? Every thread is just a rehash of every other. I'm gay, but at least I'm not an idiot.
Seems like I spent all that money so I could stop listening to sound analytically. I've always enjoyed the music but there's just less noise in the way now.
Follow up.
Felling a lot better now.
I only brought up the gay thing because I have relatives and friends who are gay, and that is how they explain their beginnings. As far a the sound thing goes, I really don't consider myself an equipment person, but a sound person. I played the trumpet for many years, so I know how music should sound. If the equipment adds, or takes away from the music, then to me it is very frustrating. I guess I am somewhat of a perfectionist also, which complicates things too.
Thanks for you comments.
From the Latin philus or the Greek philos, I thought an "audiophile" was someone who loved or had a strong affinity for the reproduction of sound through audio technology.

I do not see how this would require a devotion to or an acceptance of any particular school of thought, nor require association with anyone else who might consider themselves an "audiophile".

mrtennis, although often provocative, you are usually more precise in your replies.

In any case, I might suggest the condition is more of a symptom or an effect and less of a cause.

The underlying causes may include both blessings - the appreciate of music, intellectual curiosity - as well as curses - obsessive compulsive thinking, vanity, delusion and wasteful extravagence.


Having played acoustic piano since about 5-1/2 years of age (classical and now improvisational as well), I have realized that no audio system -- none!!! -- will ever sound as good as my Steinway.

So I accept the limitations, although I always am aware of and often do not like them. In the end, if the SQ is reasonable, it is the performance that counts.

For example, I just purchased a CD of Ferenc Fricsay and the BPO performing LvB's Ninth Symphony and Egmont Overture in 1959. It was the first stereo recording by DGG, and although sonically not as good as more recent ones, I have rarely been so moved and blown away by a performance.

So kick back and enjoy the music, and be grateful to be able to do so.

That's the best skinny on characteristics of audiophiles I've seen in quite a while. Congrats!
i was going to challenge your "gay" comment with some verbage, then i saw your clarification, and laughed. i was going to say, also lol, that i'd rather be gay than own krell. i guess that's just my genetics...

Thank you, but of course, it takes one to know one.

Long Live "Audiophiles"