Just starting to look for 4K Bluray player

I've never had 4K before, so I'm interested in all your experiences, for sound, for picture and features.

Thanks in advance.

I purchased a Philips 4K player about 18 months ago and it worked fine until about two months ago when I heard it emit a "pop". After that the auto switching (to appropriate HDMI TV input) stopped working.

Just purchased the new Sony X700 unit which is working fine. No complaints with sound/picture quality of either.
I’m just biding my time with these entry level players until Oppo offers a player with the promised HDMI upgrade (2.1?) and MQA.
I have had the Samsung K8500 for a couple of years. Works great but I couldn’t get ARC from my 4K TV to work with my receiver so I use the second HDMI out from the BDP to the receiver. Unfortunately in some cases this leads to audio sync issues which is pathetic given the cost of all this technology is well north of 10K...
Second the Oppo UDP-205. Works perfectly for me, the upgrade from HD to UHD is very noticeable.
I think I'm going with the Sony UBP-X800 for starters. I'll see how things go before I jump into an Oppo.

Thanks to those who answered.

I just set up the Samsung JS8500, 65", and am ready to buy the new 4K, Blue-ray player.  I even just ordered my first two 4K Blue-rays.  Blue Planet ll and Blue Ocean ll.

Getting excited!

I purchased the OPPO 205 and so glad I did that rather than the 203. it's a great player for movies as the 203, but for music the 205 is the one to get.

The fact that you're here, looking for the best 4K Blu-ray player right now

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PTSS, the UB9000 looks good!    I bought the Sony UBP-X800 already, but I will keep an eye out when the UB9000 hits the states.