Just starting out... 2-channel home theater

I am new to the forum. I live in Central America and I want to acquire a decent system to go into my 2-bedroom apartment. I looking for advice on systems. System would be used as two channel home theater but will mostly be used for music. Music source is ipod and will look at getting a turntable in the future. I do want good sound quality. This a 2-bedroom high rise apartment with lots of glass and marble floors an acoustic nightmare.
I also want to add two out door speakers for the patio area. My budget is $5000-$7000.
Thank you!
If it were my budget, i would go with either: Thiel 3.6 (here for $1800 secondhand) or full range pair of SF speakers...very different sound...but matched with the right electronics, both can make magic.

For Thiel, older Class A Krell (FPB series) and a CJ 17LS preamp with some old Transp Ref cables...could just about make your budget.

An Oppo Blu-ray 93/95 would be plenty good though there is doubtless better on audio...but with 2-channel and movies (including blu-ray)...this will be very good.

Get Wadia i171 dock...latest version, i have heard it...excellent.

As for SF speakers, get good floorstander or older Extremas...partner latter with Krell/CJ again or could go with med-powered tubes depending on efficiency of unit and how loud you actually play, since you did say loud...perhaps 2 CJ MV60SEs monoblocked...sensational magic and good power.
good luck. my 2 cents.
keep it simple would be a place to begin coming from an apt dweller myself. Umm depending on how quickly you'd like to reap the real benefits of some of the amazingly constructed gear out there you may want to pay close attention to the listening environments acoustic capabilities. Tell ya what, If your new to all of this try and purchase a book "The complete guide to high-end audio" by Robert Harley.

I'm going to read through it once again
Velocityofhue's suggestion is a good one. Harley's book is a nice, basic intro and is fun reading. You have a decent budget and I assume that includes electronics. I would suggest you get a pre-pro with room correction. It will make a difference in your environment where you cannot treat the room. Lyngdorf Room Perfect and Anthem ARC are spectacular choices.
http://www.lyngdorf.com/index.php?Itemid=43 McIntosh top of the line stuff uses the Lyngdorf Room Perfect.

Lot's of great options on speakers and there are already some great recommendations posted.
Thank you for your suggestion of the book; I am hoping it is available via Kindle.