Just starting out.

Have always wanted to build a nice system and fortunately I am now in a position to do so.
One month ago I purchased an extremely nice pair of KEF 107 Reference speakers,but did not get an owners manual,so have no idea about their requirements.
I am now in the market for a power amp and would appreciate your thoughts.
My budget would be about $2,000.
Stop! Turn back, you are about to descend into the hellish hobby of never ending upgrades. Take your $2000 and buy a nice bicycle. You will be better off.
But if you are already hooked, try McCormack amps (125 or 225) quite nice for the money. Great service from the company.
Good Luck!

$2000 doesn't buy a great bike... maybe a frame, but those Campy components don't come cheap!


I've had KEF 107.2’s, they need a solid amp with good bass. I powered them with an Aragon 4004 Mk II, but they really would have done better with more power, and an amp that pushes a little more bass. I tried them with a McCormack DNA 1, while I liked the mids and highs, the bass was lacking. My brother took them from me and powers them with an older NAD with some serious mods, and they do OK, but I suspect they would really sing with the Krell or Pass amps as long as they had ~300+ watts to go on. I found these speakers somewhat low in bass and that is why I am recommending the amps I am…. Others will differ with me, but this is my personal experience.

Just my 0.02….

As far as an amp to go with them, I’d recommend either an Aragon 8008BB (easily under $2K), Palladiums if they are in your budget, or perhaps a Krell KSA 250s if you can get one for $2K, might run more though I would think these would do well with these Krells, Pass X250 as another option, you might find one for that.

As for the McCormacks, I really like the sound of them, especially in the mids and highs, but the bass is somewhat lacking, and these speakers will show that and in my opinion, they don’t match well (I took my DNA 1 back the second day after trying it with these speakers!)

Used Threshold SA3 (my choice; pure class A with plenty of power into low resistances), S/200, or S/250. A Krell KSA50 is another class A amp similiar to the SA3 but sells for a bit more; both are good.

Used PS Audio various models; 100, 200, HCA2, 200Cx; all good amps and dirt cheap used.

Bedini 250/250 is very powerful and very inexpensive at around 750 used. Adcom monoblocks (565?) are a very good amp and have lots of power.

Lots of choices. And then there are the B&K amps...