Just saw Jesse Cook...yeaow!

Just got home from a Jesse Cook concert.  For some unknown reason he's never come across my radar until recently.  I saw him at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center..nice venue.   Wow.  What a concert & artist(s).  Mix Flamenco with Arabia and South Asia..toss in a smudge of Dead Can Dance.  If you're not familiar..check the group out..or better yet..see them if you can. Fun show, great music, played nearly 2 hours. Such talent.  
Yep, I own almost all his CDs. He can play some serious guitar in a style that is "world" and not weird IMO. I would love to see him live. I saw Tommy Emmanuel in December. Totally different style, but if you enjoy acoustic guitar fingerpicked solo he is an amazing act. Highly recommended. 
fish, thanks for this. I'd never heard of him. Looked him up on YouTube - absolutely awesome!
Jesse puts on a fantastic live show. I've only seen him once, but would happily pay to see him again.
Good performer for sure, he lead me to others like Ottmar Liebert, Struz and Farah, Moraito Chico......glad for your encounter.
Glad you enjoyed the show.

Never hard him live but have spent some time listening to this album.

Some of it I like quite a lot.  Other bits seem awfully smooth jazz/new age-y.  

Different strokes, I guess.  No question about his talent, however.


Oops...make that "Never heard him live....".
..smooth jazzy.. yah..apparently he came out of the Narada thing years ago, though it appears he's developed beyond this, from what I saw/heard.

I too have a decided .."meh" ear for smooth jazz...too syrupy for me. Traditional jazz..50's-60's is sooo much better.

As for 'world'..  some of this can be much too, however I enjoy hearing unfamiliar, traditional instruments and music styles on their own or mixed with their western counterparts.  It's what music/art/design has always been and has always done..combine influences of different style-cultures into something new.  It appears Jesse gets 'classified'  as nuevo-flamenco..yah..seems reasonable. 
..ohh  and hearing his group live..two thumbs up..each member of his group is overflowing with talent in a wide range of instruments/vocals/percussion.  You can tell they really enjoy what they're doing.  Fun show. The audience was on their feet for much of the show.   
Glad you were not offended.  Didn't know Jesse Cook's Narada roots.  That explains things a bit.  The best tracks on Gravity are engaging and not at all smooth jazz/new age.  They display has his own "voice" as it were.  If you like "classic"/traditional jazz you'll probably enjoy the Jazz Aficionados thread if you haven't come across that yet.
Just listened to the YouTube link to Gravity and it reminded me of acoustic alchemy. :)