Just received The Complete Elvis Presley Masters

I found a sealed promotional copy (without book) and I must say this is the BEST I have ever heard the Presley catalog. I sampled everything as I ripped to hard drive (Apple Lossless) and was amazed how well Elvis was recorded throughout his career. Even the "hokey" movie filler tracks have a great sonic signature. This will be my last Elvis music purchase unless a Hi-Rez option becomes available.
Congrats Abery. Enjoy the Elvis. The Complete 50s Masters is probably my last Elvis purchase.
Agree with your comment on how well he was recorded. I have heard several different compilation/catalog and they all sounded good.

I have "Elvis Presley Hitstory" distributed by RCA/Sony/BMG which is 3 cd compilation which sounds excellent as well.

I put him on just for fun with guests or the kids and am always impressed with his singing.
'ELVIS'... is back in the building!!!!

Congratulations on your find:>)