Just received shipment of my Magnepan LRS’s

Yesterday I took delivery of my Magnepan LRS’s. I am powering them with a Rogue Audio Sphinx 2 through Stealth Audio MLT speaker cables. Sources are a Rega RP6 and an Oppo BDP 105. I know that these speakers have a long way to go to break in, but what great soundstaging, decay, depth and lifelike imaging. Can’t wait to see how they are doing in 6 months. This is my 3rd set of Maggies and I am tickled to have their sound back in my home.
Magnepan LRS is ON THE COVER of August Stereophile...Review includes measurements
I thought Magnepan and Stereophile didnt get along. Or I should say I didnt think they trusted Atkinson to give them a fair shake as incapable as he seems to be regarding understanding the limitations of his measurements. Not that they need an endorsement from Stereophile. 
I haven't read the article but someone who had said 81 dB efficiency vs. posted 86 dB?  Also something about a big frequency dip? 
How here comes the conundrum-tweeter on the outside or inside? I  have had them set up for three weeks with them on the outside. I liked the bass balance and depth on the soundstage. Moved them to the inside and both my wife and I feel like there is some giving up of depth and a tad more brightness (paradoxical). What have been your experiences and preferences??? 
FYI- I ordered mine near the end of May, and they have not shipped.  The 3-4 weeks will be 8 weeks on Tuesday......