Just received my tube integrated and i'm hooked

I finally made the jump over to tube equipment with the Consonance Opera M99plus integrated and couldn't be happier. After a long discussion with Tod from Tod Anthony's Audio, I decided to give this piece a try. Tod was awesome! Thanks Tod.

Even though i have only played it for about 1 day now, i can still see how superior it was to my previous SS system. There's a more human characteristic to the music. Great lowend. Very smooth and very pleasurable to listen to. I can't wait to hear it after 100 hours or so. And thanks to all of you Audiogon'ers for providing me with all the info and tools i needed to help make a decision.

My system now is:
Consonance Opera M99plus
Sony 9000ES
Definitive Technology 2006tl's
Virtual Dynamics Audition cables throughout.

Also learned how a 25 watt system can really crank! If anyone uses Def Tech speakers, tube sound is great on them. I guess my next fiddling around with be with tube rolling. i guess it never stops!
I too decided quite recently to get into tubes. I wanted to start out with something small and inexpensive so I decided to buy a Jolida JD-102b int. amp. This amp retails under $600 and uses affordable EL84/12AX7/12AT7 tubes. Sounds very good indeed and I haven't any regrets.(BTW, the Jolida looks very pretty w/the transformer covers. Jolida needs to update their web-site.) Perhaps down the road will upgrade to something more refined. (Manley, CJ, etc...) To my ears tubes are more musically satisfying.(I would love to hear the Plinius/YBA/Sim Audio int.amps and compare!)
Everything will sound even better with break-in. Take it easy. Bill
I, too, just started experimenting with a tube integrated, the CJ CAV-50. I have been curious about tube amplification for some time, and I decided to take the simpler, integrated approach with a smaller, second system that I put together (Cary 303/200, CJ, Silverline SR-17's). I must admit, I am ecstatic with the results in my relatively small room. I was shooting for a slightly warmer, enveloping sound, and the CJ provides that in spades. What surprised me, though, was the impressive bass weight and reasonable detail.
I still have my primary system which is Dynaudio floorstanders (Contour 1.8) and high-power solid state/tube pre. I don't think I will ever own a system without tubes somewhere in the signal path. Although these two systems are very different and have their own individual strengths, I can enjoy the best of both worlds as demanded by the recording and style of music. For the time being, I am perfectly content and now plan on focusing on tweaks/cabling.
Congratulations on your discovery. I agree, there is something about tube amplification that just sounds so RIGHT. Now we just have to fight off the audiophile nervosa that leads to tube monoblocks :o).
Happy Listening,
A little over a year ago I purchased the Blue Circle BC21 tube preamp and BC22 solid state amp combo and this proved to be a great improvement over the Simaudio Moon I-5 and Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrateds I'd owned prior.

In comparison, I really like the relaxed yet spacious presentation of tubes in contrast to the leaner, colder character of the two SS integrateds. Plus, you get the bonus of being able to tube roll and reap the benefits of NOS gems.
I have had my Jolida 102b for about 6 months now, and I am totally in love. I had no idea a ~500.00 amp could do wonders like this for my music.

I am lucky enough to live about 5 minutes from Jolida's headquarters. I HIGHLY recommend the 102b as a first (and maybe all you will ever need) jump into the wonderful world of tubes.