Just received my new Dynaudio Contour 60i in walnut

Folks, just reporting in that out of the box these are just stellar, and I imagine they will only get better. Wonderful mids, smooth tweeters and gripping bass. Clarity is amazing. As an aside, I had doubts whether my little Naim SN3 could adequately drives these beasts, but I am very pleasantly surprised; the SN3 is punching well above its fighting weight! I am happy to field questions as I know several members have the big new Dyns on order or are considering them. Happy listening amigos.
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With the clearance prices on the c series are the c60i that much different?
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jrbirdman333, I have a set of the Contour 60i on order.  I see the date on this thread that you just got yours yesterday.  I live in Southern California and hope that my pair are on their way to my dealer.  I understand they were due in to Dynaudio USA about now and then there is shipping time to the dealers location.  Where do you live?
I am running Balanced Audio Technology tube preamp and solid state power amp and I use a tube phono stage.  I anticipate these speakers to sound wonderful, maybe slightly different from other Dynaudio speakers of years past but certainly with the basic sonic signature of Dynaudio that I have enjoyed for many years.
Can you please tell me a little more about how you find their sound character.
Thank you 
I am in Arizona fyi. The sound is more 3D and it feels a bit deeper. I’m sorry if im not able to articulate my thoughts in audiophile terms. These are still breaking in of course. The balance is excellent and clarity is remarkable. The bass is very powerful but clean. I’m listening to recordings I know very well and am picking up little details I never noticed before. If these were a bottle of wine, they would be a big bold Stag’s Leap Napa cabernet.
Thank you for your prompt reply.  The wine analogy makes perfect sense, and I can surely relate.  My units on order are in black-gloss but I will assume that for the first US delivery all finishes will have arrived at the same time.  If so then mine should be here, in Southern California, after the weekend.  Can't wait!
Thanks again, I appreciate your reply.  Enjoy your new speakers, and have a glass of wine (or 3) tonight while listening.
Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Contour 60i. I just ordered a pair and can't wait to get them.  They're all out of Walnut right now but I'm waiting since I really don't want black. In ordered them matching center channel too.
@macnet427  The Contour 60i has an amazing soundstage and imaging.  Personally, I initially found them to be just a bit bright on the upper midrange and lower high frequency range.  After about 35 hours of run in time they became smoother.  What I have now done is place a room treatment panel between the speakers (on the wall, of course) and is 60 inches wide.   As well, I moved the speakers a little further out from the wall.  The front of the speaker is at 36" inches from the wall.  These "adjustments" made a good difference.  So, give them some run in time, be sure to treat the room properly, including first reflection points, and you will find them to be a wonderful set of speakers.  They really come alive if your amplifier has plenty of current to offer.  They sound good a lower levels, but give them some juice, and WOW!  Enjoy your new speakers.
@mammothguy54 Thanks for the info.  Patiently waiting for them to come in.  Ordered the matching center channel speaker too.  Running a Mark Levinson NO535H and it should sound awesome.  The only weak link left is the preamp.  Currently have a Marantz AV8805.  The next upgrade will be the preamp!
congrats, I liked the c60 for the 2 songs the shop manager let me listen to. I’m only a half hour away from the Dynaudio distribution warehouse and actually picked up a pair of audience 80’s there since I didn’t want to wait for the delivery lol.
Just upgraded to a Luxman L-509x. The Dyn Contour 60i speakers just love it. Break-in is probably a few hundred hours, but out of the box, I hear sonic improvements and qualities I didn't get out of my SN3. The SN3 is a great piece, just not with these speakers. Highly recommend the Luxman 509x.
@jrbirdman333  Nice to see that you stepped up to a truly great integrated amp to run your speakers.  They should be a wonderful mate to one another.

Now 5 months in to my Contour 60i speakers they just keep sounding better and better.  They are good at low volume but really show their best when given some real current and driving force.  Your new Luxman should do just that.  Enjoy!


My first post here on Audiogon. I am asking those who received the Contour 60i’s for their impressions after living with them. I am using a Michi X5 integrated with an Aurender ACS-10 for ripped discs as well as Quboz and Tidal streaming. Currently I have Polk Reference R700’s. and while a very good speaker for the price (at least IMO), I would like to get a really solid upgrade. Other considerations are the Revel Perfoma be F328 and Sonus Faber Olympica Nova V. I have heard the Sonus and I think they are glorious, but they are also the most expensive of the three. Speaker cables are Synergistic Research Atmosphere X, Alive X. Thanks in advance!

@ mournbladeiv


I think you'll like the dyns. Not sure how they'll compare to the others listed. I love mine. You've got plenty of anp to drive them properly too. 

I absolutely love my Dynaudio speakers, I have never heard anything as sweet and musical as my pair of Evokes



Thanks for the reply. How would you characterize their sound? As an example, the Polk's I have (reviewed here) are pretty much neutral, and I have to say I like the sound, on the other side, the Sonus may eschew some detail, but bring out the music, and as a musician I like that. I guess what I am saying, is I just like a quality speaker, and can see the benefit of  both styles of presentation. I think the Michi is giving the music a slight richness, and that it will come through on a good speaker (I demo'd the Sonus with the X5 driving them).

Re sounds. Full-bodied, rich but detailed as well. Big sound stage. Bass is not overbearing even though it has big bass drivers. I drive them with a Lux 509x. Your Michi unit has more power. I'm sure the big Dyns would kick butt with your gear. I was able to compare them to Focal Sopra 2s, and I preferred the Dyn sound. Others may differ. I like the soft dome tweeter. Non fatiguing! I'm sure the SF will be stellar too as would Revels. I haven't heard them so I cannot comment. I might also mention that I got to hear a set of Confidence 30s. Those were terrific as well, but I thought the 60i more than held their own.

Much appreciated! I admit, I really like the look, and those big woofers look good ( I am a bass player)


I had the C60s for 2 years and went through absolute hell.
First it was the 400 hours of break in needed to make them sound bearable and then the disappointment of a cold, compressed sound, totally stoned timbre, and confused, out of focus soundstage. I paid half the list price for them and went to an immense effort to get rid of them at 3000 euros. I had them on sale for a whole year at 3000 euros, people came, listened, and left. Good luck.