Just Puzzled !

I was promted to look through my vinyl the other day for some Alicia Keys and found "As I Am".

I hadn't played for a long time and basically I had forgotten how bad the sound engineering on this album was.It was almost like listenong to a mono recording

Fast forward to today, and I have just finished playing "Pure Heroin" from Lorde.

I am perplexed and puzzled as to how someone like Alicia Kets would put out an album of such poor quality, when a relative newcomer like Lorde can produce such an exceptional album.

I'm just talking the quality of the soumd engineering here, not content.

Most new artists and other genres I have seem to have great sound engineers.

Is it the genrea of R&B only that lacks? I don't have much of that genre and what I do have is mediocre at best.

Reminds me of the Alabama Shakes first album, which has great songs that sound like crap. The engineer said he was trying to capture that old Detroit sound. Well, he did and it wasn't pretty.