Just purchased Usher Be-718. Need Help with Setup

I've just purchased Usher Audio's Be-718. So now I'm researching on speaker stands so far i've only found a few...

There are two from Usher: 708 and 728 spearker stands
I really like the fact that they are adjustable (because I'm also shopping around for a new listening chair...)
but only thing that bugs me is the fact that the wood doesnt quite match the Be-718. (my brother has the 728stands)

Then there are Sound Anchors (custom made for Be-718). Comes in 3&4 post flavors. Never seen them in person, but they look sturdy enough to support a truck.

And I've also found Solid Steel SS series. I really like the way they look. I've seen their equipment racks and heard great things about them. http://www.solidsteel.it/

To Be-718 owners: What stands are you using??

Anyone with experience with Sound Anchors/Solid Steel speaker stands?

What other stands should I look into?

Ofcourse acoustic/build quality comes first, but as far as price, I would like to keep them under $500. $600 is my screaming point. Never knew good stands could cost so much... Any more than that, maybe i should considered getting floor stand speakers instead of stand-mount.
Sound Anchors are a "can't miss" choice.
I 2nd the Sound Anchors. Whatever stand you get, be sure to take the height of the spikes into account - as well as any tweaks you might add between the two. I've placed Symposium Rollerblock Jrs. under my speaker which adds another 1".
If you want something more furniture like, check this link. I'm seriously considering one of Core's models myself.

You should look into Skylan stands. They're well-regarded, and the owner, Noel, will customize them to fit your speakers. Noel is a pleasure to deal with. His stands are well within your budget.
whatever stand you end up getting, I suggest getting a tall stand. I am using one of the Usher adjustable stand with my BE-718, I wish it could go up higher but now it's only about 24" tall. I tend to like my sound stage on the higher plane which also creates a more airy and transparent sound. you will lose some bass as a result, but I think the trade off is well worth it.
Since Be-718's port is in the front. Is it more forgivable when placed near front wall?

Right now they are about 10" from my front wall. I would like to bring them closer to listening position, but speakers would be too in-my-face. And for an asymetrical room, i am very limited on where i can place my system.

If I realy want to bring them further from wall, if was to do that, I would really need to take my system to another room.
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Core furniture has adjustable stands that goes from 22" - 29" and may suit your need. The model B looked and worked great with my Be-718. Check it out: http://www.corefurniture.com

Thanks for posting this just in time (for me) ;o)
I just got my Usher Be-718 today, and they have
about 1 hour on them as we speak. Love em even
stone cold out of the box.
Anyway, I was wondering what stands to get myself
and here is the thread I needed.
Right now, I have mine on 29" stands (without spikes)
and the sweetest sweet spot seems to be 1-2" or so higher
than my head at the moment.
So maybe a 26-28 stand will be best for me.

I am 4' 3" off the back wall to the front of the speaker
and about 9' apart with slight toe in for starters and
will tweak from there, but the soundstage is pretty solid
and the presentation is very airy ( Love that!) and
imaging is good also, but will have to tweak a little
more as they break in to get that dialed in. It is
all just roughed in at the moment.

I am leaning toward Sound Anchors custom Be-718 23" stand. They advertise them as acoustically dead. Prefilled. The top surface is 7.75"w X 14"d that is almost entire base of the BE-718. It was hard for me to find a stand w/ big enuf top plate. BE718 is pretty big.

If you want to bolt Be718 to stand, Core reply to me and told me they can redrill their top plate to fit Be-718, provided that you give 'em the measurements.

But i was considering using Audio Points in between Speaker and stand. http://www.starsoundtechnologies.com/2ap7d.html

My ear level is about 36" off the ground when i sit in my chair. w/ 23" stand, spikes, Audio Point, would put the tweeter at my ear level.

i'm in process of rearrange my entire house to make a Hifi ONLY room... but stands are a must! My 10year old BestBuy stands are not getting things done!
By the way Sound Anchor sent me their on file blue print of 23" 4post + 24" 3post Be-718 stands. If you want i can foward them.
Give Ty the dimensions you need and he'll make you a set of Tyler stands ... check out his site ... about $350

Yes please forward them if you could.

The Sound Anchor fixed height stands can be adjusted another 1/2-3/4" with the screw-in spikes that are supplied. Be sure to ask.
I just ordered 23" 4post Sound Anchors...should see them in 3weeks. CANT WAIT!
I bought the Core Designs Model E stands for my Usher Be-718s. The stands themselves are 26" so a few audiopoints between the speaker and stand AND/OR between the stand and ground can give some adjustability. Frankly, I think the Core Designs might be the best ones in the market for the Usher speakers aesthetically and functionally.

FYI, the original Usher stands have been discontinued. Also, the Ushers look VERY similar to the Sonus Faber lineup. Should probably see what the SF crowd are using, as they could be good options for the Be-718.

Remember, different stand materials will make the Speakers sound different. Use the materials to "tune" the sound to your liking....find the stands that seem to be the best fit for you and take it from there. I like to play with different wood materials hence I went with Black Walnut stands for my fix.
I'm using the $250 stands that Usher used to sell. They are blk. look great, and do a great job. I paid $200 and happy.These speaker will sound great on a soup box!!!!!!
718's live!
I purchased my Usher BE718’s a couple of months ago, and Blue Tacked them to four post Target stands filled with 80 pounds of buckshot and sand. After a lot of fiddling around with placement, I settled in on where I felt they sounded best.

Being way happy with how great they sounded, and thrilled that the WAF was way up from my previous speakers, I ordered a 24 inch high pair of the three post Sound Anchor stands that Sound Anchors fabricates specifically for the Usher BE718’s.

So that I wouldn’t have to mess around with finding the sweet spot again, I measured everything to make sure the speakers on the Sound Anchor stands would be exactly in the same spot as they were on the Target stands. After getting everything set, I fired up my system… and to my surprise… the Sound Anchor stands changed everything… and I do mean everything.

After hours of re-messing around with placement, I ended up pulling the 718’s much closer together, with less rake angle. The 718’s on the Sound Anchor stands sound deeper, wider, and higher (I'm in heaven). My Target stands were pretty dead, or at least I though they were until I got the Sound Anchor stands. When you tap the Sound Anchor stands, its almost like you’re taping on cement, yet the Sound Anchor stands aren’t anywhere near as heavy as my Target stands are.

Shaizada sure knew what he was taking about when he said "different stand materials will make the Speakers sound different".