Just purchased a new Gem Platinum turntable

I purchased a new Gem Platinum turntable from TTWeights and I have had it up and running for a week now. Very impressed with the performance of this table.
I have been listening to the Gem Platinum for a week now and I must say that this thing delivers on all levels. Man what a piece of engineering! I don't know what is my favorite aspect of the Gem Platinum, the wider and deeper soundstage, the increased air around the instruments, the greater detail in the music, the deep solid bass, the cymbals that seem to decay forever, the dead silence of the background or the perfect pitch. Maybe it is all of them. Listening to music is now an experience. I am just another step closer to a live performance. I just finish listening to the new release of the Fleetwood Mac "Rumors" lp 45 rpm remastered version. What a treat! The blend of modern recording and remastering technology and the Gem Platinum turntable brings out the full bloom of this recording. It may be the best record I have ever heard.

The new duo drive motor is well worth it. I can honestly say that out of all the turntables I have owned over the past 35 years, none have had perfect pitch until now. The new duo drive is rock solid with no variation in speed. All recordings now sound very relaxed and with the proper pace, something I have never fully experienced until now. I give this turntable my highest recommendation.
Dear Benjie: Nice to read you are nothing less as " exited " with your new " toy ", congratulations!.

That TT looks really fine and I wonder where reside the factors that makes the difference: in the TT it self? in the stand alone tonearm arm board? how much " weight " to each of both for its overall quality performance level?

Btw, are you using the same cartridge and tonearm you use to own? same cartridge/tonearm set-up parameters you used on the VPI rig?

Regards and enjoy the music,
I listened to a Gem Ultra at a friends a while back (direct drive only) and we both thought it was too forward sounding and lacked detail and air. Oh well.
Hi Raul, I think there are a few things that make the Gem Platinum unique to other turntables. First is the carbide bearing that is used, very hard and stable material. The way the platter is constructed with aluminum, nickel alloy and carbon fiber and the addition of the new drive ring make the platter vibration proof. Really allows the listener to hear just the music. For me I think the adjustable tonearm pod is a big improvement. Getting the arm off the plinth I think makes a significant difference. Removing that arm from any vibration and noise that the platter may encounter makes things better. I think it just allows the music to flow without any artifacts attached to it. The next big improvement is with the drive motor. The new duo drive system is rock solid with no detectable vibration or noise. This motor allows the table to achieve perfect pitch. I think the Gem Platinum is like the perfect storm of problem solving elements coming together to make a great sounding turntable.

I am using the same cartridge ( Benz LPS ) but with a different tonearm. I went with the Jelco Sa750 12 inch tonearm. A lot of performance for the price. Very easy to set up and is adjustable. I think this is one of audio's hidden treasures at a very reasonable price. A good match with my system.
No offense but Wow , are you their company spokesman for all their products. On here, their website, your like OJ was to hertz and samsonite combined. We get it!


Thanks for your post as I'm also awaiting a Gem Platinum from Larry. I've had a Well Tempered Reference for the past 20 years so I'm anxious to hear the difference. I may try the WTR arm on the GEM out of curiosity but will eventually mount a Triplanar with a ZYX Airy 3 copper. I'm sure that there will be a lot of experimentation before it's all said & done. I also am using Atmosphere Amp & Pre.

What are you using as a platform? I have to imagine that the surface must be perfectly flat and level since this a modular design.
Can I throw in a plug for Larry's (TTWeights) Momentus Duo Drive table? I will have one up and running here in NYC next week in case anyone wants to hear or •purchase• one. It will have rim or tri belt drive available to switch back and forth to see which best suits your system and room. This should be close to the pinnacle of analog with the Strain Gauge phono cart.
Hi Smotyka, I am using a solid maple platform 18"x24"x3" that I purchased from timbernation.com. Chris is a very easy person to deal with and has the best prices and his platforms are top notch.

You are right, perfectly level is very important for the best performance and starting out with a solid base is a good place to start. Send me your email address and I will send you some pictures of my platform.
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This should be close to the pinnacle of analog with the Strain Gauge phono cart<<

The pinnacle of analog?

That's funny.
I also own a GEM turntable. BTW: My previous turntable was an Oracle Delphi.

I purchased my GEM before the Duo Drive motor unit came out. I upgraded to the Duo Drive about a month ago.

The new drive unit is about twice the weight of the original one. TTWeights also changed their motor supplier due to some quality control problems. At the same time the GEM platter was upgraded with the installation of the outer black (Acetal) ring. My observation is that the new motor unit is quieter and provides better speed (pitch) control than the original one. I assume that some of the improvement is due to the increase in mass of the drive unit as well as the outer ring which helps reduce the transfer of motor vibration.

At this point I was very happy with the performance of the turntable. Being a well built rim drive, it has PRAT and leading note attack that was missing from the Oracle.
If you were missing that leading note attack from your Oracle, then something must have been wrong with your set up. the one thing my Oracles have all done well is attack the music and play it with passion. some may prefer a more subjectively tamer sound, but thats not the way I experience music live, so why should it be that way when reproduced.

I'm sure the GEM is a fine table, but your comment regarding the Oracle just doesnt match my experience.
I owned an Oracle Delphi MkII. Perhaps the newer models are improved. With this turntable, setup is critical. Especially getting the suspension right and using he correct springs for the mass of your tonearm/cartridge. You need to ensure that the plinth bobs straight up and down with no wobble. When you push the center spindle down the plinth should bob exactly three times then come to a stop.

I did a quick Google search "Oracle turntable dynamics" and found two reviews which make similar comments about dynamics.

As for the sound, the only real weakness lies in a loss of deep bass, and a problem with record damping: the Delphi II cannot damp the record without losing a slight amount of life and dynamics. Like most freely floating-suspension turntables I have tested, the Oracle tends to reduce bass energy in comparison with other designs.

Audio Critique
To simplify, turntables fall into two categories of design and construction. They are generally low mass, spring suspension designs which are typified by Linn, Oracle, Avid, Basis, and then there are those that are high mass, either damped or not, such as VPI HR-X, Forsell, Micro Seiki etc. To generalize, the former group will excel in the micro realm, that is they usually offer a transparent, neutral sound that is not the last word in bass impact and overall weight and impact. Compared to turntables in this category, good SACD players will sound noticeably superior in terms of bass performance, dynamics, impact and punch. The high mass turntables' strengths will be macro oriented, with bass extension, wide dynamics and impact being their forte.

Of course YMMV.
Well, my Sota is suspended, and there is absolutely no loss of bass compared to my Transrotor. I also find that my Oracle III/IV does have deep bass, but it is very tight and clean, giving the impression of less bass when I think it is just more accurate. Of course, a lot depends on the arm and cartridge you use.
I purchased their momentus, how is the motor on yours, mine is very noisy. I send it back to TTW Larry told me motor is normal. My system all burmester is very quite the noise bothers me.
This is a recurring theme with TTWeights motors from reading threads regarding their tables. Send it back again and demand a new motor.
For those with motor noise on these tables. . .if you experience this with belt drive, then the motor may be the issue.

If however, the noise is only present in rim drive, then you have the motor too close to the platter. This results in "torque" on the motor shaft, and produces noise. The drive ring should barely contact the platter. Try moving the motor pod away to that point and see if it makes a difference.
No the momentus one was only belt drive it is not capable of rim drive.
Note: Paul Saggu purchased a pre owned dedicated hybrid tri belt table upgraded with the new HD platter.

The table sold for 40% of the original price, a used table.

This is a V1 Motor, he could upgrade anytime. In fact we are upgrading his motor system now for free again.

We have been shipping the V2 motor for 2 years now. The MOMENTUS motor is quiet always has been.


This was an American built Bodine, $400.00 motor alone, the quality issues made us change suppliers, our new motor is built in JAPAN, the last 60 tables are so equippped.

Please be accurate and tell the whole story.
Larry at TTW agreed to make the motor more quite.He is also working to make new arm pod so my sme v arm can work better. The table looks very good. But I did not get the chance to listen to it yet. I will post the report on sound quality once it start working.