Just Pulled The Trigger

Bought a new, 2m run of Cardas Golden Reference Bi-Wire speaker cable with 9mm spades. Cost me $1,450 with a trade-in of my 11 year old Neutral Reference Bi-Wire. The GR is now a "legacy product" and is still available on a limited basis at a discounted price. The retail on the GR was about $2,500. Although I am very much looking forward to the upgrade, to be used in conjunction with my Cardas GR ICs, I can't believe that I just spent that much for speaker wire. Hopefully, this is not a situation where a fool and his money are soon parted. What do you think? Please, be kind.
1. Golden Reference isn't upgrade to Neutral Reference in most of cases(read any reviews?).
2. It's already normal to pay >$1000 for stereo wire set. That's why they're so expensive.
3. Voiding to spend this much on wires will drive their prices down. The actual cost of these isn't even reaching 3 figures.
It'll probably sound good.

How bad could it be?

I would not spend that much on ICs personally, but what to buy and how much to spend is a personal decision.

I also would not spend hundreds of dollars on any bottle of wine, but people often do just for a special treat.
I've had cables make more difference in sound quality than component changes. That being said, I've not heard those particular cables. Don't make any judgements until you've run current through them continually for 200 hours.
I've just purchased original release of David Bowie "Earthling" vinyl negotiated for $235 from $300.
Gotta have this hot item and great album.
I also have ones I buy for $1...3 each.
Trust me, GR is a HUGE upgrade over NR. I have
heard both and the difference is palpable.

It will sound better because your mind will tell your ears that it should sound better. So, yes, it will sound better.
rlb61, you're in for a treat. As mentioned let them settle in for a couple weeks and you'll be loving it. I still think about how good they were in my system. Still wish I had them but sadly had to sell them off.
Is it possible that the "soon parted" should be viewed in the past tense?

If you have any overlap in ownership with both your old and new cables and have someone you trust to change them out, have them change them at an unknown time and see if you notice the change. You may validate your purchase or you may find yourself thinking the change was made when it wasn't and then might not notice when it was.

I do hope you are happy with your purchase.
Opinions and preconceptions will not change the outcome. Your system, room and ear will determine that. I listen too critically to new gear and always find things don't meet expectations at first. I'm stressed over the possibility of buyers remorse and there is always something to like about the old gear that I miss. Give it time. Let your brain settle in to the new sound and spent cash. Be aware that there are times when nothing will satisfy you and listen later. Relax.

Funny how "pulling the trigger" seems like such an appropriate description when we buy this stuff. The good news is somehow, we have all managed to survive, even if not always happily.

GOod stuff is good stuff. IF its worth it to you, that's all that really matters in the end.
I recently had an experience that complete changed everything I believed in. The one cable I thought would make the least difference in the system is the USB cable connecting music server to DAC. I mean its ones and zeros right? In addition, my mind was expecting that there would be no audible difference as the idea that changing a USB cable seemed absurd. Switching over from a standard Monster USB cable to a Cardas USB cable was a revelation. I could immediately hear district improvement in resolution and a simultaneous imprevement in smoothness. So its not always about what your mind is doing since my mind was 100% sure there would be no improvement.
Rlb61, if you already have the opinion that it is a huge upgrade why do you look for or need validation?