Just Ordered New Speakers

I just put the order in for a pair of Golden Ear Triton Reference Speakers. I was able to get the first production run which should be shipping sometime in May. They will replace my Triton 1 speakers which will be moved upstairs to my secondary system. Presently I have Triton 2 in my secondary system, so those will go on the market once my new speakers come in. I bought these without hearing them, but since I already own both the 1 and 2, I am positive I will love them. They all have the GE house sound which I like very much.

Now the long wait and anticipation begins

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I'm told Golden Ear is shipping the Triton Reference to dealers today!

good on ya
several dealers i know and trust with golden ear wax, er...listening skills carry GE and feel they represent unique value in the high end.
congrats on your retirement !!!!! yes the no alarm deadline is very freeing for late nite listening for sure !!
i was blessed to retire at 55 after a great career that included moves to 5 zip codes. As many have said life is what happens while you are making other plans !!!
god bless and good health to you in this new chapter


I am very happy to hear this.  I just sent my dealer an email asking if they received shipping notice.

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