Just Ordered New Speakers

I just put the order in for a pair of Golden Ear Triton Reference Speakers. I was able to get the first production run which should be shipping sometime in May. They will replace my Triton 1 speakers which will be moved upstairs to my secondary system. Presently I have Triton 2 in my secondary system, so those will go on the market once my new speakers come in. I bought these without hearing them, but since I already own both the 1 and 2, I am positive I will love them. They all have the GE house sound which I like very much.

Now the long wait and anticipation begins

It makes sense to move up the same manufacturer's line if you like their house sound. I owned 3 pairs of classic Infinity speakers, incl: a pair of Renaissance 90's. Enjoy them in good health!
Thank you.  I like that it is all wood instead of the sock and the newer drivers, etc.  I only hope they don't look too big in the living room, but other than the height, should fit well where the Triton 1 are now.  This will probably be the last pair of speakers I buy since I am retiring this year.

Congrats. I relate to your last purchase tied to retirement. I did the same with retirement now 12 months away. Bought Focal Sopra 2's and Simaudio 700i in the last 6 months, I am set for retirement. The system kills.

Enjoy your new speakers and retirement, you earned it.