Just ordered Gallo Classico 3 Speakers today

Hi, I have been wanting 2 here what these speakers sound like on jazz so I just ordered a pair a few hours ago, anyone own or have heard these speakers n can tell me what 2 expect, my preamp pass xp20--poweramp pass xa30.5....thank you.
I can tell you I bought a pr about 6 months ago and it was
my best bang for the buck in 40 years of Audio !
Not just great for the money but great period , they excel
at small group jazz,vocals and everything else in acoustic
realm. From rock I can't say .
PLEASE post your impressions on here or PM me.
P.S. their build quality is excellent as well.
? mark was an error .
Schubert thank you for ur input, sounds like I am going 2 love them. I should have asked this from the start how do they sound at lower volumes.
Fine at any level .
Are you gonna do speaker shower party?

speaker shower party?
Hey, I did not know the Gallos were waterproof!! ;^)
Schubert thanks again for ur input, no party sorry lol, my next move is 2 replace my Marantz sa-ki pearl sa/cd player which I have not used much because I had 2 of them, because I want 2 go all balanced with the pass units. I am not sure which SA/CD player I will buy, I will have 2 save some money 4 that because I would like 2 get a real high end unit n it would be the last one I ever buy, at my age that's not 2 long away lol...like frank would say That's Life.
Schubert, this sounds like an incredible speaker for the dollar.
Since you listen to jazz and classical, I'd like your impression on the highs; are they smooth or extended?
How are the mids at reproducing strings and horns, and do the Classico's provide a natural presentation of orchestral music? (Assuming the electronics are up to snuff).

Lowrider,they are both smooth and extended , the tweeter
is the same one used on the Gallo 6k Reference.
They are a transmission line design with filling of the material used in Gallo Mircos which the signal sees as 4x
the size. Gallo specs it to -3db @32hz which I belive .
90% of my listening is classical, in my small condo I'm sure I'm getting 40hz anyway which is all you need for symphonic foundation .
I took my Gallos to a fellow MN Audio Society members pad
and they were in no way embarassed by his Maggie 3.7i's
Remenber, the Gallos have no crossover, they are very natural.

My system is very well dialed in , I tolerate NO shrillness in any link, mids and highs are spot on .
But I'm sure the tweeter will show any if its there.
Read the revue from "Absolute Sound" , it is spot on, this IS a fefined speaker !
ah'' REFINED speaker .
many thanks. I've been reading reviews, how far in from the front wall do you find is optimum for bass?
And did you buy online? I see there's a return policy.
Lowrider57, I have them about 18" from wall but every room is different. Another thing I love about them is they are not fussy about placement. Underwood Wally has all left of them.
FWIW. I did not read the "Absolute Sound" review till AFTER
I bought them. If I hadn't agreed with every word of it I would have been hesitant to hype them with just my ears as
judge .
Thanks so much, Schubert. Underwood Wally has models in black that he's calling "clearance" at an incredibly low price.
Considering Gallo's original price was to be 2600$ it sure is .
I don't remember if they came with spikes or not, irrelevant to me as I never use them since I discovered
Herbie's threaded glider footers which are fantastic, best tweak I ever found .I do have the sorbothane discs they included which I imagine would be ok on wood floors .
Schubert, sent you a PM.
Might want to call Ohm as well . Certainly have what you want and from all reports are happy to chat on phone .
Their 90 trial period would put your mind at ease in any event.