Just ordered Axioms, any comments?

Thought I would take a chance, albeit a small chance on the 3's. Any owners out there?
One reviewer hit the nail on the head on the M3ti saying: 'subjectively, small monitors don't get a whole lot better..' pretty much sums it up, and sold me. I tried the M40's and one would have to spend alot more to get much more.
I previously owned the M3Ti and I loved them, especially at the price. I think I paid $175 used, and I could not believe the sound for the price. They definitely get the all-important midrange right, very smooth and detailed. The treble was excellent as well, decent extension, yet not etched. I actually preferred these tweeters to my B&W's at the time ($1600 floor-standers). The bass had good, satisfying weight, but not the most articulate. This is probably due to the crossoverless design (passive bass driver). Not a significant flaw, unless you listen to a lot of bass-heavy music (and these monitors probably wouldn't be the best choice, anyway). For small-scale acoustic and vocals, they were terrific. I ended up giving them to my now ex-girlfriend - big mistake. Enjoy.