Just ordered a WT Amadeus and Dynavector XX2 mk2

I'm moving from a Rega P25 (with all the groovetracer upgrades) with an Ortofon Rondo Bronze, to the WTA and Dynavector XX2 combination. Am I in store for a treat? My system with the Rega and Ortofon was sounding overall quite good, so I wasn't desperate for a change (had just added the Merlin speakers, which I'm now obsessed with), but I knew that quality-wise, my turntable/cartridge combo was the weak link, so I bit the bullet and treated myself to some christmas presents.

What I'm mostly wondering is whether I should temper my expectations because while this will likely be an improvement, it won't dramatically affect the sound outside of an A/B comparison (which I can't do any more since I just sold the Rega table today), or whether I really am going to get my socks knocked off.

Thanks for any thoughts on the subject.
You will know soon enough.

Why bother with this post?
Rega is so terrible. This upgrade will be significant. I once did the same change as you.
I think you will be thrilled with the move. I have only heard Rega on a few occasions, but you are getting a great turntable. My GTA isn't going anywhere.
As a matter of fact, I still use a standard version Amadeus in my den system.
You are also getting an excellent cartridge. Dare I crash the pre-party and ask if your PS has ample gain for a .3mv cart. Cheers -Don
Dazzlingmd - I owned a Rega P-7 for a while; it was nothing to write home about. It was significantly bettered by a Linn LP-12, which was subsequently trounced by my WT Amadeus. Two of my tables are WT and one of them has the same cartridge you are getting. The WT Amadeus is a phenomenal table. Enjoy!
The move from the Ortofon Rondo Bronze to the Dyna XX2 alone will give you a more dynamic sound.
The Amadeus made my Spacedeck sound broken. A slight exaggeration to be sure, but it was a heck of a difference.

Thanks for the responses. The reason for the post was to try to help me set expectations. I have a tendency to have crazy expectations for upgrades, and in some instances that results in severe disappointment when the differences are of the more subtle variety. Sounds like this shouldn't be subtle, though.
Rega is the Chevrolet of analog. Basic transportation but nothing noteworthy.
Take care and time to get things set up correctly. Listen a while then go back over it all again. At that point it should sound considerably better than what you've been listening to, if not do it again till it does. ;-)