Just looking to stream only

I don't want to download material or rip my cd collection. I have been told that the best streamers for the money are Linn. I just want to stream music only. When I ask why Linn are the best I am told they have been doing it the longest and really have it down. I am looking at the Majic Ds unit. Does anyone have experience with this unit or Linn streamers in general.
I don't know what the rest of your system looks like but for all you are asking I would just use a Squeezebox Touch/DAC combo or if you really want to spend more at least check out the new Cambridge Audio 851N first.
Like the specs on the 851n but since I have a higher end Bricasti Dac I think I will opt for the new Auralic Streamer which has no dac and is a few hundred cheaper ..
Modified Sonos Connect, same here, i only stream direct - lovin mine!