Just installed Cathedral Sound Panels

Tonight I installed 8 Cathedral Sound Panels.

I actually have 2 more still in the box I am planning to experiment with either on floor corners, or have 2 on some some the ceiling corners.

I am presently only using 1 panel per corner.

I actually have 7 corners in my room due to jut out areas, which all the ceiling corners are now treated with the Cathedrals (on 4 I left the roomtunes next to them)

I was having some bass problems, which at first I was attributing to impedance issues with my OTL amps and 4 ohm speakers, but this turns out to not be the case (or possibly to a much lesser degree than I had thought)

First I'll say that the Panels fixed a great deal of my lower mid bass hump.
I wish I had a measurement set up to really verify what I am hearing.
I am also hearing more deep bass, that perhaps was covered up by resonances. Since I have a biamp system with remote controlled bass amp, I can crank up the woofer (crossed over at 60 hz presently and 24db slope I believe). By accentuatung the woofers mometarily, I can really hear that they are not nearly as "one note bass" as they had been.

I am also getting midrange clarity, and more depth, and perhaps the speakers dissapear a bit more. It's a bit early to tell since I have just listened to a few recordings, but just the bass cleanup aspect is worth it alone (for me anyway)
Also, congas and drumstick hitting each other really have taken on a new dimension. Vocals seem nicer as well. Nellie Mckay's voice on "I am Nothin" took on a greater natural quality, as did the voilin.

The only room treatment I previously had was Roomtune cornertunes in some of the corners, which really helped with echoslap. Before the corner tunes were up it was even annoying to talk in the room since we have hardwood floors and sparse furnishings.

Now I believe some of you are going to discount my previous comments immediately based on the fact that I also have 6 Acoustic System Resonators.

I myself kind of only half believe these things work. But today I also had a new sofa installed, (a Natuzzi powered reclining unit) so I took the Acoustic Resonator off my rear wall, which is directly behind my head. (I sit fairly close to the backwall - about 1 foot, which also accounts for my bass problems)

I started the listening session tonight to evaluate the Cathedral Panels, and before I could evaluate the bass characteristics it sounded a bit flat in depth.

I put the Resonator on its stand (which was still stuck to the wall) behind me, and imediatley it sounded more dimensional, so I am once again a believer.

I still have a bit more experimenting with the 3 unmounted panels I have left, but I am sold on these small unobtrusive 11"x16" panels. The reason I bought the Resonators, was becuase I didn't think I had room for "real' acoustic treatment" in our tight apartment living room (11x25x13 high, but my discovery of Cathedral Sound Panels has proven to me that room treatment devices dont have to be large to work.
Interesting that you got some benefit from them. I tried out a couple of pairs and found they had no neglible effect. Based on what little I know about room acoustics, the panels are physically too small to be effective bass absorbers or mitigators.
I think you mean they had a neglible effect.
I think Ethan Winer of real traps is very skeptical of these.

Thanks for the English lesson (my typing skills are another matter), but I DID mean no negligible effect. As in, they had no effect that I could hear.
Glad to hear that you are able to enjoy music more. I just love drumstick hitting. Did you place the panels on the vertical wall or the ceiling? I too am in the process of tuning my room with panels. I have been pondering buying the Behringer DEQ2496, to see what I'm hearing. Best of luck. Steven