Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good

Sounds flat vs streaming from marantz 5014 heos, which is more revealing and open.  Both ways are wired.
Is there a break in period?  Otherwise it is disappointing.

I am listening thru b&w spkrs and mcintosh amp. And wired to analogue inputs of avr

thanks for any comments, suggestions

Like listening to music filtered by a blanket. Node 2i needs a better dac.  So disastifying.  Avr’s with bluos handle music better.  Waste of money for me.

i am using a NAD D1050  sounds quite good, if anyone can recommend something better who know this please let me know

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A Schiit Bifrost should be better than the Node 2i.

Or Okto Dac8 Stereo which also includes a streamer so you can sell the Node.