Just heard the new Wilson MAXX 3

Visited my local dealer today and heard: Maxx 3, Boulder 1000 series amp, pre, Audio Research DAC7 connected to Sonos wi-fi adapter playing lossless CDs, Kimber select 1121 ICs, 3035 speaker wire. In summary - magnificant!! Great tone; stage depth and width are HUGH; open, airy sound around instruments and voices; bass is slightly better than Maxx 2 (deeper, better pitch), the ability to scale the presentation is the best I've ever heard. My local dealer usually has REF3, CD7, REF210s set up but the room was set up for a customer who wanted to hear the Boulder electronics. I've done the side-by-side of the ARC Ref vs Boulder and I prefer the organic nature of the ARC REF gear (tubes vs solid state you know) so I believe Maxx 3 might be even better than what I heard today. Now if only I could figure out how to afford the $70K!!
I heard the Maxx 3 a few weeks ago -- first public auditioning using AR210T's, etc. Sounded very nice, quick, punchy, detailed -- but with very "controlled" & highly tweaked source material on a proprietary stand alone disc drive unit. There was no time available for listening to individual discs. Bottom line, wasn't impressed for $60K.
rsorren1: please don't listen to the maxx 3 with electronics and sources you like. You'll end up like me with the Maxx 3's in your room and your credit card maxxed (hmmm maybe that's where the name came from :)

One of the great speakers in my humble opinion.