Just got my new Quest plinth for my Rega P3

This plinth has elevated the performance tenfold. The upper midrange has now revealed itself! And the bass is very deep and very tunefull! Vocals are amazing, and there is so much more music information! WOW!
I have been interested in trying one of their plinths. There is a guy here in the states that sells more or less the same thing.

BTW, GREAT tonearm you have. I LOVE my AudioMods arm. WAY excellent!!!
I have the same TT and am interested in this upgrade, if it's as great as you state. How do I learn more about it?
Here is the website:

Here is the guy in the states:

AudioWood Rega Plinths
AudioWood is Joel Scilley. He is a great guy and does excellent work.
I went with the Quest because it is 2in solid Birch ply. And it also came with acrylic cone feet and switch. And by the way, the Audiomods arm is fantastic!
Glad you like it, I've owned Rega TT's since the 70's.
Recently though, I bought a same price as RP-6 Project in self-defense as there is no Project upgrade industry.