Just got my Lumin T2 wasome sound but very bad app

Got my lumin T2 yesterday and the sound quality is awsome!

 But the app is not that good :/

I use tidal but why is the play the hole playlist and delete playlist next to eachother? See attached picture, I have big finger and did delete 2 playlists =( Is it anyways to restore them?


 And is it not possible to add tracks to a saved playlists?

What did you have before the T2 and how does it compare sound wise? How big of jump in sound quality?
I own a T2 and IMO the Lumin app is outstanding. It took me the better part of a day to learn its nuances. I have absolutely no complaints, it’s very intuitive to use and takes very few clicks to get what you want to do. My previous Streamer-Dac was an Oppo Sonica. The T2 is an improvement in many ways: sounds more musical, lots more detail but not analytical and dynamically robust. I'll keep this a long time.
The thing I like about the T2 is the ability to use an external Dac down the road
i did have mcintosh c2600 used w laptop and usb. Now lumin T2 as streamer and dac to a mcintosh c500t. Big difference in sound clarity. Tested roon today and i liked it way better then both tidal and lumin app!
Roon is the best imo. I now only use itunes if i have to rip a cd. Roon will rip cds now, the Apple superdrive is not supported. 
I have had the Lumin A-1 and the X-1 and I think the Lumin App is fantastic.  It is super easy to use.  I use Tidal as well as my NAS collection.