Just got an ipod, now what?

Just received a new 120G (I think) ipod classic. I am primarily interested in putting music from my own CDs onto the ipod. I will probably also periodically buy some new tunes. I may even at some later point want to put some music off of my own LPs on the ipod. At the risk of "read the manual" advice, where do I start? What do I need to consider as far as file types? Can you or would you want to mix file types? Is there a good primer on the web someone could suggest?
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install their software and learn to use it

use lossless codecs only

Get used to using it and then do your LP's later

Encode a favorite song as an MP3 so you can see how bad they sound.

Get better headphones or ear buds for it.

Good luck

Some may suggest you turn in your Audiophile membership card but dont listen to these folks, err.....snobs. There is nothing like learning as you go as ET suggested and all his ideas are "sound".....the LP dubs can come later.
Thanks guys,

Got up and running this evening. Not a big deal after all...
Don't worry, I put the ipod down after a while and am back to listening to LPs through tubes. So, don't cancel my card, pleazzzz!!!