just got a rega mira 2000...need a good cdp

Hi all,

I'm new to this audiophile stuff. I've looked at many posts on audiogon both before and after purchasing my speakers and amp. This past weekend, I went to 5 dealers in the bay area, and ultimately ended up getting a rega mira 2000 amp and a pair of epos els 3 mini monitor speakers. For now, I'm using a cheap sony dvd player as a source, but would like to upgrade in the next couple of weeks.

In the store, I heard the mira connected to either a planet or jupiter, and it sounded amazing. I especially love the smoothness of the sound...very nice on all vocals! The epos speakers match really well with the mira, and they were only $300. I also heard acoustic energy, triangle, and usher speakers in the $500, but liked the epos sound a lot more. The cables I got were the ones they used in the store on the demo units, so I assume they are decent enough for me right now...I don't really know what brand they are, though.

Anyway, my budget is around $500 for a cd player. I am sort of leaning towards a used planet, just because that's what i heard in the store. However, I have read a lot of good things about the music hall cd-25.

Any suggestions? Thanks for all your help!
I think either choice would be a good match. I have not heard the Rega CDP, but I do have the Music Hall matched up with a Creek amp and Epos M12's. I think it is quite a good player, it plays HDCD's to boot! I would suggest you audition one if you can. Again though, if you heard the Rega and liked it why not go with it? Just remember, it is top loading so you need room on top.

the planet
You can't go wrong with a Rega Planet or Jupiter, and you've already stated that you like the combo.

Good luck!
Thanks for your replies...my only reason not to get the planet would be the new versus used factor. I could get a new MH CD-25 for about the same price as a used planet. Would I be sacrificing anything by getting a used cd player? Specifically, does the laser wear out, or get misaligned in any way?

Thanks again!
OK...I'm going to raise my budget a little bit...I'm thinking that if I spend a little more on a cdp now, it will allow me to upgrade my amp and speakers without having to update the cdp.

After reading many reviews, it seems like the Jolida JD-100 is a very fine player. I'm considering either the stock JD-100 (perhaps with different tubes), or a fully modded Music Hall CD-25.

Does anyone have any experience with either or both of these players?