Just got a platter upgrade

For my Acoustic Signiture Final tool I upgraded to the new platter with 24 brass silencers. I noticed the difference right away. Images where sharper and more details came out. Gunther sent me test results showing vibrations diminished with the new platter. Anyone else had this upgrade? I want to get my motor upgraded but having difficulty reaching them. Mike
Gunther can be difficult to reach at times. He was very helpful when I upgraded my Final Tool motor. He brought it with him when attending CES and shipped it to me while he was in the US. It was well worth the $500 or so it cost at the time. I'd be interested in the new platter, how much was the upgrade?
About $1000
What is the best way to reach Gunther? He has not responded to emails. I guess I will call him.
he is hard to get

If he is not responding, it is most likely that he's out of town. I once sent him an email while he was out of Germany and he replied to it once he got back to Acoustic Signature.

Just be patient.