Just got a new Bluesound Node. Very disappointed!

I got the BSN to run to my NAD M51 DAC and everything sound like the treble has been turned up +10db. The bass is also weak. I use Qobuz and Tidal and both sound the exact same way. I can listen to cd’s  is my Oppo of the same music with no problem. 

what gives, is it really this bad?




Ive been over all my connections several times not to mention all the settings. I think people here may be right when they say there is something wrong with it. 


Wondering if you read my post above? I have been a very happy owner of a 2i for the last couple of years, running it though an external DAC.

To repeat:

You will want to make sure the tone controls are set to off and that you have the volume set to "output level fixed", (the latter assuming you are using a separate preamp and not using the Node's preamp function).

The Node is a ton of fun.

I have a five of the node 2i units in different systems around the house. While each of these systems also have cd players, turntables and in most cases an outboard DAC I use node through its analog RCA output. Streaming service is Tidal and I do MQA whenever possible. One of the systems does feed an outboard DAC. I had the Mytek Brooklyn + and found it to be somewhat bright. I am now using a Cambridge 200 and like the sound better. I also like the nodes by themselves. While I have heard direct comparisons against better sounding/more expensive units, I think the Bluesound is an incredible value for the money!

May be defective. A digital transport shouldn’t sound like anything. It’s a computer passing digital. 

I have three Bluesound nodes (exercise room, guest cottage, kitchen).  Two are the older version of the Node 2 and one is the latest.  I run Tidal, Spotify, and IDagio through them, and have never had the issue you describe.  Either you got a lemon or their's some setting that got switched, or just some loose connection.  In any case their service Dept will help you track down the problem or replace.