Just got a DEQ2496

Just got a DEQ2496 EQ for my home stereo. I want to run cd Player---DEQ2496----Pre-amp-----amp. The problem is I only have coaxial digital out on my cd player. The DEQ has XLR and toslink digital inputs. I can get an adaptor (Cardas or neutrik) for RCA to XLR connection between CD player and DEQ 2496. In turn, I can do the same connection XLR to RCA for DEQ2496 to pre-amp or use a digital toslink cable. The XLR impedence is 110ohm while digital coaxial is 75ohm....neutrik makes an XLR to RCA adaptor that converts impedence:
Is the impedence conversion even needed?
I do not want to run analog from DEQ2496 as it sucks...I want to bypass processing and run digital. Any advice out there on what I should do?